June 8, 2018

Training a Small Dog – Is It Necessary?

By Published On: June 8th, 2018Categories: Article

Is it necessary to train your small dog? Many people realize the importance of training a large, strong dog and the reasons are obvious.

Large dogs can outrun a human and without control can injure another person or animal, or the owner himself. These dogs are strong. If a large dog has not received obedience training, what could be a simple walk on a leash can be nearly impossible.
On the other hand, small dogs do not appear threatening and are not particularly strong. This does not eliminate the problems. Picking the dog up and carrying her is not the solution.

The importance for you and your small dog to have some obedience training is vitally important. Your relationship with her and her health will be improved by your investment in the training.
By being aggressive when in the presence of a large dog, your dog may well be in jeopardy. Who would win in an argument with a Chihuahua? Would it be the Chihuahua or the German Shepherd dog? That is an easy question.

Training Your Small Dog against Aggression

Small dogs are commonly aggressive. It is almost a Napoleonic syndrome. Owners sometimes don’t see this as a problem because they assume that the little one is too small to hurt someone. They believe that the little dog’s show of power is “cute”. This is an insufficient reason to not address the behavior and it is an errant assumption.

Aggression in small dogs is as large an issue as it is with big dogs. The main reason small dogs become aggressive is that they have not had obedience training.
Making an excuse about how cute the dog is or picking it up are both very detrimental. What this does is give rewards for an inappropriate behavior by giving the dog the attention she wants. Cute does get attention, but you must remain in control.

Training Your Small Dog on Who is the Alpha

The dynamics mentioned allow your small dog to believe it is the dominant one in your relationship and it is in control. Your dominance needs to be asserted consistently and effectively. If not, you and your dog will continue to fight for the top spot in the pack.

Obedience training benefits are not limited to specific commands that are taught. By going through a good obedience regimen you are teaching the dog that you are in charge. You establish your authority and open a clear line of communication with the dog. This is a very important part of your relationship with your dog. By listening to your commands, your dog can be protected from potentially dangerous situations.
Keeping her safe effectively requires the tools to command your dog’s attention and respect.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Classes for Your Small Dog

You undoubtedly want the best for your small dog. Giving the best care possible means training through a basic obedience class. The investment in time is well worth the cost of the classes.
Training your small dog on your own with guidance can be just as effective. These classes take very little effort and contain numerous benefits.

You will be amazed at how much simple training can improve your relationship.