June 19, 2019

Tips for Choosing Pet-Friendly Accommodations for Your Vacation

By Published On: June 19th, 2019Categories: Article

Photo by Dominic Buccilli from Pexels

Summer is officially in full swing. And that means more traveling! We are seeing more and more vacations planned with your beloved canines. In fact, more than 37 percent of American pet owners from taking their four-legged family members on vacation with them.

The difficulties of traveling with a pet changes according to the varying regulations of airline companies, state laws and accommodations. The good news is that organizations and businesses are making it easier to travel with your well-trained pooches. As always, it pays to be prepared for traveling with your pet to avoid any potential problems arising.

Whether you are traveling by cruise ship, motor vehicle or airplane, there is some essential information to consider when booking your accommodations, so that both you and Fido (or Fifi) have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Summer is here. Let’s start planning our adventure!

Types of Accommodations

The options for lodging and meal accommodations will depend entirely on what type of vacation you have decided on and what is your trip itinerary. Will you be on a road trip through the mountains, taking a relaxing beach holiday or heading off on the sea? If you are embarking on a cruise, for example, it may be that your dog will not be able to travel the entire journey with you.

It’s so critical to seek expert advice for information on different hotel options. Careful consideration should be taken for choosing an accommodation which is close to parks and other outdoor areas so you can both reap the health benefits of having regular exercise nearby.

Making a Reservation

Once you have found a pet-friendly hotel, it would be wise to contact the venue directly in order to confirm their pet policy before you commit to make a booking. The definition of offering pet-friendly options can differ widely according to the discretion of each hotel in terms of restrictions on the size, breed or number of dogs. Confirm that there are no hidden charges for a room and whenever possible, choose to stay on the ground floor so you have easy access to taking your dog out to the designated areas. Additionally, always check the available amenities and research the area for dog parks, open spaces, restaurants and bars to to find a pet-friendly city or locality.

Staying at a Hotel

Being a good guest who is considerate toward other visitors and staff is an important aspect of traveling with your dog. Assuming that your pooch is well-trained, there shouldn’t be any accidents inside a room. However, bringing cleaning supplies with you is advisable as traveling with your pet can bring about stressful situations and your dog’s behavior can change while they adapt to their new surroundings. Make sure your dog is comfortable at all times during your stay and provide food and water dishes, either placed on a tiled area or place something underneath them to avoid any damage or soiling. It is likely that most accommodations won’t allow dogs off their leash, so ensure you adhere to this important rule at all times.

Wherever you end up going on vacation with your dog, taking the effort to carefully plan for the trip will make a significant difference to the fun and safety for the adventures ahead.

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