Our Client’s Testimonials

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If you have a passion for dogs and a love for them and understanding of them Pro train would be a great career choice. Pro train in San Diego teaches you how to read a dog, leash control, e collars, service dog training ,protection training ,dog behavior. You learn how to teach dogs with major behavior issues to overcome them, and their owners to become better companions for the rest of their lives. I can’t say enough about the great knowledge that Mark Castillero and Lee bestowed upon me.

John Colageo

Hello Mark,

I wanted to let you know that Defendants prevailed in the Winzer v. Silver F, Inc., et al. matter. The Court’s Tentative Decision (which has since become the Final Decision, as Plaintiff’s time to contest it has elapsed) is attached. You will see that it is largely based on your testimony. Thank you for your work on this matter. It made a great difference for the defendants. I would not hesitate to use you as an expert witness again, or to refer you to a colleague in need of an expert witness in dog training matters.

Sean M. StowersKROGH & DECKER, LLP

I have been a Pro-Train client for 7-years. I have severe cerebral palsy and a 95% vision loss. Mr. Castillero custom trained a beautiful Black Lab named Scooby, who courageously guided me from a motorized wheelchair until he retired April, 2011 at age 9. Scooby and I were the first certified wheelchair guide dog team in the Western U.S. His successor Captain, a rescued Yellow Lab mix is even more remarkable. Captain was rejected by 3 previous owners because he barked uncontrollably at anything that moved, jumped fences, and chewed everything in sight. Mr. Castillero’s extensive knowledge of canine behavior and innovative training methods transformed this out of control fearful dog, into my confident working guide.

Before acquiring Scooby and Captain, I was home bound for 8-years. Severe arthritis in my shoulders prevented me from using a white cane to travel independently which I had done for 25-years. Mr. C. restored my ability to travel independently and gave me physical confidence I never experienced until I worked with my guide dogs.

His intensive private in-community instruction and excellent coaching with a touch of good humor prepare you and your dog to function successfully in any situation. Unlike nonprofit service dog providers that produce dogs like xerox copies, then hurry you through a program and don’t guarantee a person receives a dog at the end of their handler’s course.

Mr. C.’s excellent service continues throughout a dog’s life. He responds to his client’s questions or solves their dog’s behavior issues promptly and courteously. Most of all, I was treated with dignity and respect.

Kim S.

About 5 years ago my daughter became very ill and became increasingly worse. Last October she almost died. The team at Children’s Hospital had no idea what was wrong with her. She was in and out of the hospital during that period and missed a few months of school. During this time we visited every specialist in the book and finally an allergist, Dr. Salt, at Sharp Reese-Steely remembered a patient of hers that went to the Mayo Clinic. She immediately went to our pediatrician and they concluded she had POTS syndrome. There are no physicians in the area who deal with juvenile POTS. We wanted the best for our daughter and took her to the Mayo Clinic. After 3 days of testing they determined that she did indeed have POTS syndrome and had a serious problem related to the POTS. She had very little stored iron in her blood.

POTS.rare but not.new autonomic disorder that has only been coined this for about 10 years. Every vessel is affected. My daughter Alena passes out, has a rapid heart beat of over 200 upon standing, has major joint swelling, fibromyalgia, digestion issues, and memory issues. I bed whoever is reading this to please write an article about this. Many kids are suffering as my daughter did and they have no idea what’s wrong with them!!!!

Before all this, during the decline, we purchased a service dog for Alena. Xena warrior princess!!!! Xena is the FIRST EVER SERVICE DOG AT GUAJOME PARK ACADEMY!!!! She is a beautiful German Shepherd puppy that we have had since birth. We had no intentions of keeping this puppy, but Alena became ill and she needed help. Protrain, the company we purchased Xena from, is a true Godsend and miracle. No other company will use German Shepherd dogs and we are a one breed family. We own 4 of these beauties and Alena would have no other dog trained to do this work. People forget they were the first dogs used as guide dogs. They are amazing. Xena does bracing work, picks up items, and the most valued gift.she alerts Alena before she passes out so she doesn’t fall to the ground. About 2-5 minutes before Alena passes out Xena stands rigid right in front of her and makes her sit down. She will not let her take another step. The superintendent is completely amazed by this dog that she is getting her own picture on the yearbook!

Protrain, owner Mark Castillero, has given this mother peace of mind that my daughter will be safe when she goes off to college in 2 short years. It is so rare to find a company like Protrain who will work tirelessly to find the perfect dog for you, customize a program, and keep our children with disabilities independent! Protrain also has helped a friend of mine with a dog for there autistic son. Our pediatrician, Dr. Albert Martinez, never gave up on getting answers. I ask you to please help other families in our position and spread the word. It is also very cool GPA has this amazing new student, Xena! Feel free to contact me to spread the word and thank you for reading my story.

Cynthia Morales, (760)277-2490