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Disabled Parents on How to Create a Safe Home

The Pro-Train Baby Program is an awesome option for new parents! Straight talk from disabled parents. Parenthood can have an enabling impact on disabled people. Confidence, self-esteem, and personal motivation levels may grow as you discover that you can overcome physical limitations and be as effective and nurturing at parenting as anyone else. [...]

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Science Proves…Pet Owners Lead Healthier Lives

Give Your Dog a Hug...It's Good For You! (and for Him) Pet Owners are Healthier...and Here's Why! Have You Hugged Your Dog Lately? You’ve heard the stories that claim that pets make people healthier and even help them live longer lives, right? But are these stories true and is there any science to [...]

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Top 7 Therapy Dog Breeds

Dogs can be much more than just loving companions; they can also be very helpful to many individuals by becoming therapy dogs. Therapy dogs provide comfort and affection to people in hospitals, retirement or nursing homes, hospices, schools, disaster areas, and to those suffering from mood disorders such as depression or anxiety. They can also [...]

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Another Service Dog Success Story

Patty with her new service dog, Oreo. Dogman Mark Delivers Hope to Pennsylvania Woman Patty Kruthers deals with MS with grace and courage. After losing her husband several years ago, Patty had to rely on herself for more daily activities. She had heard about Dogman Mark Castillero and Pro-Train Innovative from her cousin [...]

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