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Crate Training Your Dog 101

Crate training is the first necessary step you should take after bringing home a dog or pup. The crate has to be portrayed as a home to the pet. To achieve this end, you have to create positive associations in the pup’s mind about the crate. To successfully "crate-train" your pooch, you should follow these [...]

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Top 5 Good Reasons You Should Train Your Dog

Train your dog...that sounds ominous and challenging to some. Dog training is not just for dogs who enter competitions. This could not be further from the truth and such potentially dangerous misconceptions should be nipped in the bud. While it may not seem like a big deal to let a tiny little puppy run around [...]

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Puppy Training San Diego CA Puppy Obedience Trainers

Are you searching for the absolute best dog training school in San Diego, CA? Look no further - call Pro-Train! With over 40 years experience Pro-Train certified dog trainers will provide the absolute highest quality private dog training lessons you'll find anywhere in Rancho Bernardo and San Diego, CA! Your results are 100% GUARANTEED for [...]

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