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The Importance of Training a Black German Shepherd from a Puppy

The Black German Shepherd is similar to typically colored ones in many ways, but the gene mutation that causes their coloring can result in them growing an inch or two bigger and therefore they’ll weigh 10 to 20 pounds more than a regular GSD. This extra size makes training essential so that you will train your Black [...]

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A Dynamic Service Dog Duo that Helps Save Lives

Pro-Train Grads Oscar and Michael Make American Red Cross Headlines Five-year-old German Shepherd Oscar is the proud service dog for Michael Pritchard. Michael is a longtime independent investigator working with the public defender's office. and suffers a hearing deficit. And, after successful pairings and training with other dogs from Pro-Train for his family, Michael knew [...]

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5 Basic Commands Every German Shepherd Dog Needs To Learn

Originally, German Shepherds (or GSDs) were bred to protect herds and dwell in packs. These traits make them naturally dominant. They love being in charge. Still, they are one  of the smartest dog breeds around and are quick to learn new tricks. Regardless, you should not wait too long to start your training. The older [...]

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