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Earning an Income by Caring for Man’s Best Friend

Photo by Valerie Elash on Unsplash Dogs require around an hour of exercise every day to keep them fit, happy and healthy.  But the average dog walk is just 43 minutes and many dogs don’t get walked at all. A busy lifestyle is one of the biggest excuses used, along with the weather. Dog walking [...]

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The Importance of Training a Black German Shepherd from a Puppy

The Black German Shepherd is similar to typically colored ones in many ways, but the gene mutation that causes their coloring can result in them growing an inch or two bigger and therefore they’ll weigh 10 to 20 pounds more than a regular GSD. This extra size makes training essential so that you will train your Black [...]

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What Your Dog’s Sleeping Position Means

While unfortunately your dream of owning a talking dog may never come true, there are still plenty of ways for you and Fido to communicate. Your pup can recognize different tones, volumes, and even words that you speak — with proper training. In turn, you have developed a way of understanding them. Most pet owners [...]

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How to Ease up Your Dog’s Grooming Anxiety

You want your dog groomed, but how do you deal with his anxiety? Your canine family member can’t comprehend the grooming tool revving sounds and often find the touch of the tools on his body, including the sensitive areas, to be very eerie. All these noises are normal to us, yet weird and a potentially [...]

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Taking Your Dog to Dog Parks – Do’s and Don’ts

Dogs are our true best friends and just like us they too like to socialize and have a good time outdoors. But, with increasingly crowded cities, it can be difficult to find open, green spaces where they can romp gleefully with their other human and furry friends. Fortunately, we live in beautiful San Diego, California [...]

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