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Getting Rover Ready for a Road Trip

Now's the perfect time to dream up and plan your summer road trip with Fido. Photo by adrian on Unsplash Dogs are hugely popular in America and 36.5% of American households have one. When vacation time rolls around, owners always debate whether to bring their beloved dog along or not. From an emotional [...]

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5 Ways Dog Owners Can Save Money While Maintaining a Clean Home

  Photo by Jodie DS from Pexels Dog owners beware: Maintaining a clean home will be a challenge. Whether you are adopting a new puppy or, you are a current dog owner struggling to keep your house clean, owning a dog adds an element of extra hair, dirt and grime to floors and [...]

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Strategies for Helping Your Dog Lose Weight 

As pet owners, we have a big responsibility for the well-being of our fur babies. This includes keeping their weight down. In 2016, a record 56% of dogs in the U.S. were clinically overweight or obese. Largely, dog obesity stems from their owners. Many owners are prone to overindulging their pets, which in turn creates [...]

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Support Animals: Tips for Individuals with Disabilities

Specially-Trained emotional support animals can make all the difference in the life of a disabled person. For individuals who are living with a disability, having a pet can be a huge help. Some are specially-trained emotional support animals, while others are simply loving pets that provide comfort and company to those who need [...]

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