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Train Your Dog to Enjoy Children

Photo by Nathan Hanna on Unsplash Children who grow up with dogs are more active than those without, with one study finding they do an average of 360 steps more every day. Some dogs will naturally like being around children and enjoy their company, while others can find them too loud and overwhelming, which [...]

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GPS Tracking for Your Dog

Our dogs become like extended family...and many of us refer to our dogs as our "kids".  Our kids' safety and health are a top priority. And just like we can use GPS tracking for humans, so too can we use it for our beloved canines. But where do you begin? Whether you are a new [...]

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Training a Small Dog – Is It Necessary?

Is it necessary to train your small dog? Many people realize the importance of training a large, strong dog and the reasons are obvious. Large dogs can outrun a human and without control can injure another person or animal, or the owner himself. These dogs are strong. If a large dog has not received obedience [...]

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Does Your Dog Do This…

Does your fur baby not know its role in your family? Is Fido confused at who exactly is the Pack Leader in your home? We consistently hear problems like: -My dog doesn’t understand commands. -My dog barks aggressively at other dogs on a walk. -My dog has a hard time calming down. -My dog is [...]

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