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Useful Pet Health Tips for People with Senior Dogs

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels Are you a long-time pet owner with a senior dog? As your beloved dog gets older, their health requirements change. They may need different nutrients, higher-quality protein, fewer calories, slower walks, and warmer climates. Taking care to accommodate an older dog will help keep them happy and [...]

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Keep Your Dog Safe and Healthy During the Winter

Your dog is most likely an important member of your family and enjoys spending time playing with you outdoors.  All seasons have specific safety hazards to keep an eye out for, and winter is no different.  Temperature, ground conditions, and other factors can pose some safety concerns for your dog.  Here are some tips on [...]

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Cannabidiol May Greatly Improve Your Dog’s Health

Is CBD right for your dog? Read more about the latest in cannabidiols for dogs. Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is a cannabinoid — a compound produced by the cannabis plant. We’ve identified more than a 100 different cannabinoids (113 to be precise) all of which could play an important role in balancing [...]

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Pica: What To Do When Your Dog Eats Strange Things

If your dog has an appetite for inedible items like dirt, socks, or rocks, you’re probably concerned about the reason behind this abnormal behavior — and what it’s doing to Fido’s health. As it turns out, the consumption of non-nutritious substances is a known disorder called pica. Pica has numerous causes ranging from underlying health [...]

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