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Taking Your Dog to Dog Parks – Do’s and Don’ts

Dogs are our true best friends and just like us they too like to socialize and have a good time outdoors. But, with increasingly crowded cities, it can be difficult to find open, green spaces where they can romp gleefully with their other human and furry friends. Fortunately, we live in beautiful San Diego, California [...]

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The Importance of Exercising Your Dog

Happy Dog, Happy Life. There's a reason they're called Man's Best Friend! We all know the importance of exercise and how it’s the secret to a healthier and happier life. But did you know that it’s the exact same case for dogs as well? Exercising for dogs is not just a fun activity, [...]

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Strategies for Helping Your Dog Lose Weight 

As pet owners, we have a big responsibility for the well-being of our fur babies. This includes keeping their weight down. In 2016, a record 56% of dogs in the U.S. were clinically overweight or obese. Largely, dog obesity stems from their owners. Many owners are prone to overindulging their pets, which in turn creates [...]

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