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Why Adopt a Shelter Dog

Animal shelters rescue millions of companion dogs every year. Dog shelters provide a temporary home for these lovable creatures until they find a new one who will love them, show them the way of the pack, and reciprocate their undying love, loyalty, and companionship that these dogs are well-known for. They are knocking on the [...]

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Designing a Dog-Safe Garden

If you have a dog and would like to keep a beautiful garden at the same time, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot achieve this. What is important is that both you and your canine friend can enjoy the benefits of a relaxing and lovely garden without stressing one another. You and your [...]

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5 Tips For Finding the Right Dog Fit For Your Family

Choosing the right dog is important for both owner and canine. We all know that dogs are loyal, offer unconditional love and are awesome for families. A canine companion can teach children responsibility, trust, respect, and compassion. However, that doesn't mean every dog is right for everyone. Guest blogger, Alexandra Seagal of writes about the top [...]

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