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How to Ease up Your Dog’s Grooming Anxiety

You want your dog groomed, but how do you deal with his anxiety? Your canine family member can’t comprehend the grooming tool revving sounds and often find the touch of the tools on his body, including the sensitive areas, to be very eerie. All these noises are normal to us, yet weird and a potentially [...]

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The Low-Down on Well-Mannered Dogs

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash In 2017, 89.7 million dogs lived in homes across the United States. Dogs are a big part of our culture, as well as our family, but let’s face it: they’re a lot of responsibility. Keeping your dog clean is hard enough, but getting them to be well-mannered and behaved [...]

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Pica: What To Do When Your Dog Eats Strange Things

If your dog has an appetite for inedible items like dirt, socks, or rocks, you’re probably concerned about the reason behind this abnormal behavior — and what it’s doing to Fido’s health. As it turns out, the consumption of non-nutritious substances is a known disorder called pica. Pica has numerous causes ranging from underlying health [...]

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Top 5 Good Reasons You Should Train Your Dog

Train your dog...that sounds ominous and challenging to some. Dog training is not just for dogs who enter competitions. This could not be further from the truth and such potentially dangerous misconceptions should be nipped in the bud. While it may not seem like a big deal to let a tiny little puppy run around [...]

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