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Local San Diego Service Dog Success Story

Fifth Grade can be challenging. Especially if that 5th grader suffers from severe anxiety. Local North County 10-year-old Dakota Smith was suffering from debilitating anxiety and had trouble with things such as sleepovers, school and new situations. So, her mom, Alix, a foster parent for Second Chance Dog Rescue, was beyond thrilled to see a [...]

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Discover How These “Hero” Dogs Saved Lives 

There are approximately 390,000 service dogs across the United States. These dogs are trained to help save the lives of their owners as well as other people around them. Just like our local firefighters, law enforcement, and military members, these dogs are national heroes. They go through extensive training and practice to become the legends they are [...]

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Why Adopt a Shelter Dog

Animal shelters rescue millions of companion dogs every year. Dog shelters provide a temporary home for these lovable creatures until they find a new one who will love them, show them the way of the pack, and reciprocate their undying love, loyalty, and companionship that these dogs are well-known for. They are knocking on the [...]

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Disabled Parents on How to Create a Safe Home

The Pro-Train Baby Program is an awesome option for new parents! Straight talk from disabled parents. Parenthood can have an enabling impact on disabled people. Confidence, self-esteem, and personal motivation levels may grow as you discover that you can overcome physical limitations and be as effective and nurturing at parenting as anyone else. [...]

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Traveling Across Continents for Top Dog Training Advice

The art of dog training is not easily learned. And still, many “dog trainers” operate without any type of license or credentials in the United States. So, when former Chinese-born Para-Olympian Qin Lian needed to be trained to be a dog trainer in her country, she knew she needed a legitimate dog training expert. That’s [...]

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