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GPS Tracking for Your Dog

Our dogs become like extended family...and many of us refer to our dogs as our "kids".  Our kids' safety and health are a top priority. And just like we can use GPS tracking for humans, so too can we use it for our beloved canines. But where do you begin? Whether you are a new [...]

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Things to Buy After Adopting a Dog

The beauty of adopting is the options you have. Sometimes a puppy is the right choice, but there are plenty of adult dogs who are potty trained and looking for loving homes. Adopting a dog is FREE tomorrow during Clear the Shelters Day. Adopting a dog from a local shelter can be one of [...]

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Welcoming Your Adopted Dog into Your Home

Dogs adopted from a local shelter make some of the best lifetime pets. Congrats on your new family must be brimming with excitement! By deciding to adopt a pooch, you have made one of the most rewarding decisions of your life. And you have certainly made a world of a difference to [...]

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