Assistance Service Dogs

All dogs must be obedience trained and display excellent manners. Pro-Train specially bred dogs, rescued dogs and donated dogs that meet special criteria.

People partnered with assistance dogs develop greater self-esteem, responsibility and confidence.

A dog helps increase their independence by assisting them in accomplishing tasks which they previously could not perform alone.These dogs also increase the persons confidence and acceptance in social situations because a dog makes it easy for people to relate to that person instead of the disability.

Pro-Train accepts qualified applicants from throughout the United States. All training is done on an individual and customized basis.Costs vary depending on actual training needs.

  • HEARING DOGS – from $7000
    These dogs respond to different sounds which may include knocking, doorbell,phone ringing, alarm clock etc.
  • SERVICE DOGS – from $8000
    Can turn lights on or off,retrieve dropped objects,open and close doors,provide balance and support or pull a manual wheelchair,and perform many other tasks depending on the needs of the individual.
  • GUIDE DOGS – from $10,000
    Dogs for the visually impaired can be taught to guide a person around obstacles, indicate the location of stairs, doorways, elevators and provide other functions as needed for the individual.
    These dogs can be provided for multiple disabilities or unique applications.
  • We also train dogs for Invisible disabilities including Autism, Seizure response, emotional support, and Diabetic Alert Dogs

Customized Therapy Dog Training

Customized training for therapy and disabled individuals including physically handicapped, hearing impaired and visually limited.

We will train any dog which meets the necessary requirements. Please contact us to customize a program for your needs.

Prices start at $7,000.00.

Apply for a Service Dog