If you have seen a dog performing a task for a person with a disability or as part of a police security unit, what you have seen is what is commonly known as a service dog – it’s trained to do specific duties. To date, the American Kennel Club estimates that service dogs are valued working partners and companions to over eighty million Americans – that’s how valuable service dogs are.

Now, service dogs do not possess their skills by default, but rather, they undergo learning programs such as the service dog training, Orange County, provided by ProTrain. Such training hone certain breeds to be skilled service dogs.

If you are interested in taking your dear canine to a service dog training, Orange County, the following frequently asked questions – and their answers – can help you make an initial assessment. You will have a good idea whether or not your dog has higher chances to become a great service dog.

What are the popular service dog breeds?

Depending on their use, several breeds can be excellent service dogs. For instance, breeds like Great Danes, Saint Bernards, and Bernese Mountain Dogs possess the height and strength needed to provide mobility assistance. On the other hand, trainers hone Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrievers, and German Shepherds as guide dogs. As for breeds like Poodle, they can be more suitable for scent training, which is helpful to owners who need to be alerted in situations like blood sugar variations for diabetic persons.

Are dogs wearing a vest service dogs?

Not necessarily. Although some service dogs may wear special harnesses, vests, collars, or tags, the American Disability Act does not require service dogs to wear vests.

For instance, with ESAs or emotional support animals, you might see dogs wearing vests; however, ESAs do not perform a specific job or task for a person with a disability. Therefore, they do not qualify as service dogs under the ADA.

How much does it cost to train service dogs?

The cost of training service dogs can exceed $25,000. Of course, prices vary from one training facility to another. At ProTrain, for instance, service dog training starts at $7,000 only, wherein dogs undergo customized training.

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