November 30, 2023

Service Dog Training in San Diego

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As opposed to other popular dog breeds, service dogs are raised and trained for specific purposes. They help increase their owners’ independence by assisting them in accomplishing tasks. Their set of skills, however, is not built-in; they must undergo professional training to be good at their jobs.

If you enroll your furry companion in a service dog training in San Diego – such as the one provided by ProTrain – you can expect your dear canine to learn the following:

Hearing skills – your dear canine will respond to different sounds more appropriately, which include knocking, doorbell, phone ringing, alarm clock, etc.

PTSD skills – A PTSD service dog is a type of psychiatric service dog trained to do work and complete tasks to help mitigate the symptoms of PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD issues are common, especially to the men in uniform, particularly those who experience severe trauma or a life-threatening event.

Guiding skills – with this training, a dog can become adept in assisting visually impaired individuals around obstacles, indicate the location of stairs, doorways, and elevators, and provide other functions as needed for the individual. Can turn lights on or off, retrieve dropped objects, open and close doors, provide balance and support or pull a manual wheelchair, and perform many other tasks depending on the needs of the individual.

Brace support and mobility – dogs learn skills to help brace and provide assistance walking support.

Medical alert – with this training, your dear canine can help with any potential seizure or other medical emergency that merits prompt action.

Diabetic detection – your dog learns to detect high and low blood sugar levels, a life-saving skill.

Note: Pro-Train also provides training for invisible disabilities, including autism, seizure response, emotional support, and diabetic alert.

Are you looking for a reputable facility that offers service dog training in San Diego? Look no further than Pro-Train.

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