August 30, 2021

Service Dog Training In Riverside – Questions To Ask Before Taking Your Canine To A Training

Sending your service dog to a training facility is an important decision to make. The goal, of course, is for your canine to improve rather than the opposite. For this reason, you must be sending it to a facility that can provide the best service dog training in Riverside. And to help you with that, we are sharing below some questions that you need to ask the trainer and evaluate the answers accordingly – whether or not they match your goal.

  1. What are their credentials? Find out whether or not the trainer is even certified to provide service dog training in Riverside.
  2. How much training experience do they have? Logic tells us that the longer is the training experience, the more refined the service dog training they can provide.
  3. What is their training philosophy? While service dog training providers are similar in so many ways, they could differ in their core training philosophy. For instance, one trainer may believe in the dynamics between punishment and rewards – that it is the key for the training to work more effectively.
  4. What sort of training equipment do they use? Because there is no one-size-fits-all equipment, trainers may not use the same equipment on every dog. They should be able to explain what equipment they use for service dogs and their benefits.
  5. Which particular breeds do they handle? You want to ensure that they can cater to the one you currently have.
  6. Do they see not all dogs are untrainable? Asking this question should give you an idea of how comprehensive the knowledge of the training provider is in his craft.
  7. Do they have before & after videos of the dogs they’ve trained? It will provide you insights into how good their training is going to be for your dog.

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