October 16, 2017

Science Proves…Pet Owners Lead Healthier Lives

By Published On: October 16th, 2017Categories: Article, Dog Training
Pet Owners Live Healthier Lives

Give Your Dog a Hug…It’s Good For You! (and for Him)

Pet Owners are Healthier…and Here’s Why!

Have You Hugged Your Dog Lately?

You’ve heard the stories that claim that pets make people healthier and even help them live longer lives, right? But are these stories true and is there any science to back up these claims?

The answer is yes!  People with pets do lead healthier lives in many ways. DogMan Mark Castillero has seen this time and time again in his more than 40 years as a leading specialist in the field of dog training.

“According to numerous studies, pets provide a wide array of health benefits to people, ranging from lowering blood pressure to helping to fight depression,” said Castillero at his facility in beautiful North San Diego County. “The more things you do with your dog, the more you can improve your health.

Castillero suggests that, if  your health permits, check out some fun activities that you and your dog can do together, such as water sports (many dogs love to swim), flyball, playing frisbee; or dog dancing — obedience routines set to music.  There are also favorites such as obedience training, agility, rally and sports geared to your dog’s background, such as herding, hunting, tracking, earthdog activities and the like.


Scientific Research Proving Pet Owners Are Healthier…and Happier

  • With rising healthcare costs, the positive effects of dogs on our overall health and their role in assisting in the work of healthcare professionals continue to be avid areas of scientific study. In this comprehensive guide, our friends at Wiley Pup detail 15 Research-Backed Health Benefits of Having a Dog. Truly, these stats show how dogs are man’s best friend.
  • In a study done at the State University of New York (Buffalo), people suffering from high blood pressure had reduced blood pressure after getting a cat or dog.
  • The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) states that owning a pet can decrease your blood pressure, your cholesterol levels, and your triglyceride levels. Plus, having a pet helps reduce feelings of loneliness. They also state that owning a pet can increase your opportunities for exercise and other outdoor activities as well as your opportunities for socialization.
  • Research suggests that people with pets may be protected from heart disease, according to The National Institute of Health Technology Assessment Workshop “ Health Benefits of Pets.” Their rationale is that the companionship of a pet provides an owner with the kind of “psychological stability” that helps to keep people calm and steady.
    Get Healthy, Hug Your Dog

    Loving Your Pet Can Reduce Blood Pressure and Stress!

  • Pets have also been found to reduce stress. According to the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition in the UK, pet owners have been found to be able to handle stressful situations better than non-pet owners. Even walking with your dog can make you feel better and calm you down.
  • People with pets go to the doctor less often, according to the National Institute of Health Technology Assessment Workshop “Health Benefits of Pets.”
  • Pets are great at helping people fight off depression, especially for seniors. People who are depressed or lonely can greatly benefit from having a pet. Pets keep people active and they offer unconditional love.  They provide feelings of security and companionship.  They can often give someone an interest in life when they have lost interest in most other things.
  • Exercising with your pet is a great way to get exercise yourself. Even if you simply take your dog for a walk it means that you are getting out and about. This can increase muscle tone, heart and cardiovascular fitness and improve your mood.  Just a little exercise can help you keep your weight down, too, which can help you live longer.

So, from a health point of view, it’s absolutely true that owning a pet, including a dog, can make you healthier.  Take a moment to give your dog a hug and thank him for making you a healthier person.