Pro-Train is the #1 choice for professional dog training services in San Diego. However you probably hadn’t heard that, Pro-Train is now being recognized not only for their fantastic success in providing dog training services in their community but for their outstanding marketing in 2013.

Pro-Train proud to announce that Pro-Train San Diego has been nominated for the Vista Award this year, in the category of Dog Training for their contributions to the local economy in the Vista community. The criteria’s for Vista award recognition includes; the implementation of modern marketing techniques, customer accessibility and is based on the level of local consumer satisfaction. Essentially, all Vista Award nominees are celebrated for providing the highest level of long-term value for consumers within the local district.

It is because of Pro-Train’s dedication to the field of professional dog training and community involvement in San Diego that they are being hailed as this years nominee as an essential service and community player within the Vista area. This, is a fantastic honor for Pro-Train who have been operating in this community for over 35 years.

As a company who has always been proud of what they do, and the services that they provide to individuals within San Diego and the Vista community, Pro-Train is humbled by this level of recognition Vista Awards Program. It is a great to know that the dog training and customer service that we provide is worthy of notice. However, it is certainly not the only thing that drives us to succeed.

Pro-Train, which was founded by California Kennel Association director Mark Casterilltio is passionate about providing affordable dog obedience and training courses as well as developing personalized training programs for both working dogs and family pets in San Diego, and the Vista district. The services that Pro-Train provides are not only meant to improve the lives of dog owners and enthusiasts but the quality of life for their canine companions as well. For this reason, we graciously accept this recognition as a gesture of appreciation for our 35 years of hard work from our human customers on behalf of our furry students. Pro-Train, is flattered by the nomination and we look forward to continuing to work with you in 2014!