Protection dog training in San Diego can be one of the most challenging tasks a dog trainer can perform. Why? Because the task involves training a dog to attack a target – be it a human or animal intruder. Hence, it means precision and well-calculated training. Therefore, a proven expert, reputable, and experienced individual should handle the job. It is also important to note that not all people can have an attack-trained dog. Unless, of course, one is a licensed security guard. The Domestic Animal Act explicitly states these provisions.

It is important to note also that not every dog is ideal for this type of training. Thus, the trainer should know to impose the correct criteria before accepting a dog to train.

Eligible dogs

Although different trainers have different sets of requirements, eligible canines for protection dog training in San Diego are at least 12 months at the commencement of the program. And the only breeds allowed for training are those recognized guarding dogs of a large variety, including their crossbreeds. Some specific examples are the following:

  • German Shepherd
  • Rottweiler
  • Doberman

Protection dog training admission

The admission requirement usually begins with a consultation. During this step, a trainer will evaluate a dog’s potential and discuss the level of protection desired. The goal can range from Security Alert (a deterrent training) to bite and desist on command to Police K-9 style training. Whether your needs are for personal or property protection, one can get training custom-designed for the type of breed and goal.

Choosing a protection dog trainer

  • Industry experience (it makes sense to choose that one with experience that runs decades versus that one who has just started)
  • Reviews from clients (has the trainer received rave reviews for the service offered?)
  • Clear presentation of the training program (a highly qualified trainer should be able to explain clearly the program, including the duration, the activities involved, the breakdown of fees, among other pertinent details)

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