Private dog training is a good alternative for those who want to improve the ‘skills’ of their favorite pet but do not want it to engage with other canines. With this set-up, a dog trainer will provide a one-on-one service, working to teach a dog some obedience skills up to a more complex set of skills and tricks.

But how can one determine whether private dog training is right for his pet or not? Below are some reasons why many clients opt to avail themselves a private training for their dogs:

  • Their work schedules are erratic that it is not practical (or may not be possible) to attend a regular class schedules for their dogs
  • Their pets do not respond well in a class set-up, making the training ineffective
  • Dogs are aggressive, causing trouble instead of learning skill in a class training session.

Anyone who has the issues above will tend to choose a private dog trainer over a class dog training session.

Some advantages of a private dog training:

  • Allows the trainer to focus all his attention on you and your dog – i.e. dedicated training
  • Behavioral issues (e.g. dog aggressiveness) are addressed more in a private setting
  • Dog trainer can come to owner’s home (instead of the owner coming to him)
  • There is no need to worry about missing a training session
  • Customized training can be tailored specifically for a dog’s unique needs
  • More time dedicated to your dog means a dog trainer can work beyond the basic obedience skills

Finding a private dog training Oceanside CA

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