The winter season is here. For sure, a lot of people recede into the warm comfort of their home. However, the freezing temperature should not hinder you (and your dog) to become more productive; make use of your ample time for dog obedience training Oceanside CA.

Here’s how you can make the most out of the winter season for dog obedience training:

Do it indoor. A lot of obedience dog training skills can be taught indoor. For instance, you can work on sit, down, come, and stay in a small place. You can also start to teach your dog to heel. Using improvised obstacle course such as small tables or chairs (or other alternative items that are already there), you can refine your dog’s ‘heeling’ skills.

Provide a space for indoor exercise. Again, there are plenty of dog obedience training Oceanside CA activities that can be done indoor and it is imperative that you provide enough space for your dog to practice such obedience skills. For instance, advanced commands such as roll over, fetch (e.g. getting a ball), take it, can be done with enough space. A space in your garage can be enough for your dog to play/train, and move around.

Initiate brain-teaser games. Dog obedience training isn’t just about activities that challenge your pup’s physical capabilities. They can be greatly enhanced by training his brain. So include brain-teaser games in your list of obedience training for your dog. For instance, you hide treats or toys and let your dog find them. You both can even play a fun game of hide and seek.

Take him out occasionally for exercise. Even when it’s winter, there are breaks in the weather. When the snow stops falling, it’s a good time to take your dog out to do some more challenging physical exercises. You can start by letting him out for a brisk exercise walk with you. Please note that some breeds may need a winter coat, so check it out if your pup is one of these breeds.

The winter season should not stop your dog from learning new obedience skills; you can do it indoor – inside the warm comfort of your home. If you need some assistance, do not hesitate to call a dog training professional to make the training session more effective and fun.

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