Isn’t it so inspiring when you open your email early in your business day and you read some good news? It is! We are excited to share to you that your Pro-Train just received a notification from Yelp! Well, it’s a message bearing a congratulatory message saying that “people love Pro-Train Innovative Training on Yelp”. Yelp calls this particular recognition as “window clings.” If you are wondering what does it look like, we are sharing it below. Please take a look.

Heads up! We Received Some Good News from Yelp

Now, why this recognition is a big deal for us? Why we are happy? First, this badge is only given twice a year to those companies who qualify to receive such recognition. Not all companies listed on Yelp can get it; only those who meet the performance criteria. Second, it’s a plus points for us as a service provider – it can help further improve the level of trust given to us. And lastly, it’s an indicator of the quality of service we provide and it’s good since clients are giving positive feedback.

This recognition inspires us to be more enthusiastic and more passionate about our mission – to become always your foremost dog training facility in San Diego, where trainees come out with not only better but excellent skills in dog training.

Clients/trainees can rest assured that we continue to deliver nothing but the best dog training program that they and their lovely canine deserve.

This recognition also inspires us to continue to innovate with our processes so that our training programs become more refined – for the benefit of our trainees who aspire excellence in dog training.

If you are looking for a professional dog training service provider in San Diego, don’t hesitate to come visit Pro-Train and see for yourself our facility and the program we have prepared for you and your lovely dogs.

For inquiries, contact us today at 1-877-BAD DOGS or 1-877-BAD DOGS.