December 28, 2016

Happy New Year: Four Ways to Include Your Dog in Celebrations

By Published On: December 28th, 2016Categories: Article

Dogs Want to Be IncludedWith New Year’s Eve right around the corner, most of us are thinking about how we will celebrate. And if you have a dog in your family there’s every chance that your dog would like to be included when you celebrate.
Including your dog in celebrations can be a lot of fun. Here are some tips to having a great time with your dog.

Is the Celebration Dog Appropriate?

Decide whether or not the occasion is appropriate for your dog. Some celebrations are appropriate and some aren’t. For instance if you’re having a backyard barbecue, your dog will probably have a terrific time, up to a point. Make sure that he minds his manners when food is being served. On the other hand, if you’re planning a sit-down dinner for twelve, you may not want to invite your dog to the occasion. Some dogs don’t have the best table manners.

Consider Your Dog’s Reactions

Loud music and lots of people can be overwhelming to some dogs. If you’re planning a blow-out party, make sure that your dog has a place to retreat if he feels like it. Don’t force him to interact with your guests.
And, remember that most dogs don’t appreciate fireworks. If you’re planning on having fireworks at a celebration it’s usually best to allow your dog to stay in a quiet part of your home away from the noise.

Consider Your Guests

It may be hard to believe, but you should remember that not everyone is a dog lover. If you have your dog at a celebration try to have an area that is a “dog-free zone” for allergy-sufferers and non-dog people. If young children are present at your celebration make sure that they are supervised when they play with your dog.  It’s always best to be watchful when children play with dogs, especially if the children and dogs are strangers to each other. If you do include your dog in your celebrations make sure that he is well-behaved and able to follow at least a few basic commands so he won’t molest your guests or create havoc during the party.

Plan to Secure the Gates and Doors

Do be careful about gates and doors.  Visitors to your home can sometimes be careless and leaves doors or gates open which could allow your dog to escape so always double-check and watch your dog when people come and go. Simply be thoughtful and plan ahead and everyone can have a great time. Most dogs enjoy being part of any celebration.  They will happily scoop up food that’s dropped on the floor, go from person to person to be petted and watch everything that happens with pleasure.