Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2024-05-27T00:19:54+00:00

Read our Dog Trainer School FAQs to learn more about Pro-Train

What will a Pro-Train Institute Diploma mean to me?2019-07-23T20:20:35+00:00

It means that you have attended a legitimate school and graduated with passing grades. (Diplomas are issued only to students with passing grades.) You will be graded on field work and written tests. Reading assignments, study time, keen attention and hard work are required to get good grades. Therefore, you will be proud of the beautiful diploma from the Pro-Train Institute because it means you are qualified to train dogs!

Will I be able to instruct people as well as dogs following completion of this course?2019-07-23T20:20:59+00:00

Yes, this kind of instruction is a necessary part of the courses we offer. You will be given the opportunity to participate in giving lessons and instruction to our clients. You will find this an added and enjoyable benefit because it will give you confidence in your own ability.

Can I bring my own dog to school?2019-07-23T20:21:26+00:00

Yes, your personal dog is welcome. (Boarding costs may apply.)

What should I expect when I visit Pro-Train Institute?2019-07-23T20:21:53+00:00
  • A prosperous and well run business.
  • The courtesy and integrity of a dedicated staff of professionals.
  • An organized and sanitary kennel.
  • A large variety of healthy dogs.

Pro-Train Institute provides at least 30 to 50 dogs per student. Dog assignments are based on your ability to handle each dog. There are a large variety of dogs in training, and the ones you train yourself will be taken through various levels of training. Should you decide to buy a dog from Pro-Train, you will receive a 20% discount.

Remember, Pro-Train is an organization of professional dog trainers. A professionally trained dog can give its owner years of companionship, security, love and is able to respond quickly and confidently to its owner’s command in all situations.

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