Service dogs are essential companions of their owners. They provide invaluable support to those with disabilities, enabling them to lead more independent lives. Whether someone requires a medical alert or mobility assistance, one can expect that service dogs can deliver. However, for them to perform precisely as needed, they need to undergo professional service dog training.

Here are some tips that may come in handy if you are looking for the best service dog training in the US:

Expertise. A training facility might claim they are the best in the country – be wary about such a claim. The reality is anyone can claim they provide the best service dog training in the US but cannot show proof to support such a claim. A dog trainer who has expertise has long industry experience. So, find out whether your prospect has been there for decades already or they are just getting started, like, within the last year or so.

Reputation. When it comes to finding a reputable service dog training provider, reputation should not be missing from your list of criteria for selection. One thing you can do is to find out whether or not your prospect has recognition from professional dog training organizations. ProTrain, for instance, is run by a team whose members founded the California Kennel Association. It also has recognition from several entities, such as PetWork.

Facility. You will also need to consider the facility of your prospect. You would want to ensure it has enough space and equipment. Service dog training requires several weeks of boarding; the facility should have what it takes to cater to your dog for a specific duration to deliver the best service.

Cost. You should also include the cost when choosing the best service dog training in the US. One way of knowing whether or not a training is worth the money you spend is researching the average cost of such training in the United States, which can serve as a benchmark for evaluating costs.

License. Ensure the service dog training provider you are eyeing has all the certifications and the license from the regulating body to offer such a service.

If you are looking for the best service dog training in the US, ProTrain might be the one that meets your requirements.

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