DogMan Mark, one of the founders of the California Kennel Association and the Director of Training for Pro-Train, a premier provider of protection dog training in San Diego, was recently featured in National Digi Magazine and more details about it can be found in the article written by Amanda Bell for Angie’s List Weekly entitled Protective Pets: Train a Dog to Guard Your Property.

The article tackles the benefits of training a dog for property protection, highlighting that it provides assistance in dangerous situations. It says “having a pet with protection training can help scare off intruders and give you added peace of mind.”

In the featured article, DogMan Mark, provides useful insights about personal protection dog training, addressing questions on the following topics:

  • The difference between guard dog and personal protection dog training
  • The breeds and personality traits that make a dog a good candidate for personal protection training
  • The training process involved
  • The qualifications that one should look for when hiring a dog trainer
  • The liability issues exist for owning a dog with this type of training

More details can be found on the PDF version of that feature article – here : Protective Pets: Train A Dog To Guard Your Property

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