Planning to reboot your career? You might be interested in a dog training business. With that, you will need a reputable dog training school, San Diego. It will help you learn important techniques necessary for you to succeed as a dog trainer.

There is one dog training facility that has been trusted by many in the area – The Pro-Train Institute. We have been teaching dog trainers become more skilled about effective dog training techniques and have produced highly qualified graduates who are not just from the United States, but from all over the world. Indeed, our training facility is the foremost dog trainers’ schools in the Western United States.

Here’s why Pro-Train is the way to go:

  • You will have the most comprehensive classroom and field experience in dog training available in the country today (check out dog training courses)
  • When completed, you are fully qualified to undertake a new career in this exciting and fulfilling dog training business
  • Friendly and accommodating staff that is prompt in giving assistance throughout the duration of your training
  • Our team, headed by Michael Luevano will guide you every step of the learning process
  • You can schedule an appointment with us for an exclusive interview and career counseling in the field of professional dog training
  • You will get to enjoy a world class dog training facility

What to look for a dog training school, San Diego

Selecting a dog training school can be a tedious task most especially these days where many claim they have the best training facilities in town. But here are some qualifications you should not overlook:

  • The length of time the dog training facility in business
  • The experience of dog trainers teaching
  • The recognition given to a dog training facility by reputable institutions in the industry
  • The list of accomplishments/achievements
  • The license and certifications
  • The qualifications of the staff that you will be working with
  • The knowledge on dog training techniques

Pro-Train provides a no nonsense, practical approach in the development of your abilities in an exciting and rewarding career of dog training. Our program has been designed to actually prepare you, upon completion, to work – not just to know dogs. Many schools give you a knowledge of dogs, but Pro-Train offers you more. Pro-Train trains you to be both physically and mentally prepared to become a leader and an innovative instructor.

Looking for a top-notch dog training school, San Diego? Call today to schedule an appointment: Toll free 1-877-BAD DOGS