There are many ways to train your dear canine, but one of the most popular is employing positive reinforcement techniques. It is a kind of training that focuses on rewarding your dog for good behavior versus punishing if it commits otherwise. While some might find it not convincing, it is, apparently, science-based.

What are some positive reinforcement techniques? Positive reinforcement training can include:

  • Giving food treats
  • Giving a favorite toy or game
  • Praise

Note: Since most dogs are highly food-motivated, food treats work well for training.

But here are some things to take into consideration when giving treats as part of your positive reinforcement dog training in Rancho Santa Fe:

  • Treats should be enticing and irresistible to your pet; with that in mind, it makes sense to experiment to know which treats work best.
  • Give small, tiny size treats (pea-sized treats should work for smaller dogs)
  • Choose soft pieces of food so the dog can eat quickly and will make it want more.
  • Keep a variety of treats handy for your dog – or you will bore it.
  • Each time you use a food reward, you should couple it with a verbal reward (praise).

As you commence your positive reinforcement dog training in Rancho Santa Fe, here are some tips you may find helpful:

  • The goal should be to reward the behavior you want (and ignore what you do not want it to do, which reduces the chances of the behavior repeating);
  • Timing is crucial with positive reinforcement; make sure you give the reward as soon as your dog shows the behavior;
  • Start small and build from there; be patient with small beginnings, as it might take time for your dog to learn if it’s right or wrong, but it is fulfilling and worth the wait, knowing that your positive reinforcement training will enhance the relationship between you and your dog.

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