Dog Trainers Course

  • Introductions
  • Observation of dog training, operations, kennel care and instruction
  • Introduction to dogs – How to handle a dog
  • Safety lecture including fight / flight / freeze instinct and how to override
  • Equipment lecture
  • Terminology of dog training lecture including reports
  • Grooming and bathing lecture
  • Videos – Discussions and reports
  • Review reports
  • Kennel management lecture
  • Dog assignments and videos with discussion
  • Operant conditioning lecture
  • The Magic of Dog Training – Lecture
  • Practical work in handling, bathing and care
  • Practical work with pups and puppies
  • Medications and how to apply them
  • Community run (Theory and Practice)
  • Long line training
  • Remote collar introduction – Pre-conditioning
  • Shopping center workouts
  • Kennel Management lecture and test
  • Review reports – Off leash obedience without distractions
  • Off leash obedience with distractions – Tab work
  • Retrieve methods
    • Instruction lecture How to Teach Individually – Running an Obedience Group Class – Videos and discussion
  • Practical critique of assigned dogs, grades and new dogs assigned
  • Introduction to protection – The Four Footed Helper
  • Equipment lecture and review safety lecture
  • General obedience test
  • Lecture for final exam in obedience
  • Mock class instruction
  • Practical protection training with sac, tug and sleeve
  • Introduction to whip and stick
  • Videos, reports and test
  • Scenarios
  • Introduction to the body bite suit
  • Consultations – how to evaluate
  • Test and practical work
  • Competition obedience
  • Agility training lecture and visit a class
  • Practical training obedience and protection
  • Lecture – Training For the Disabled
  • Juno work-outs under blindfold – Obedience
  • Lecture- Orientation and Mobility
  • Start group class
  • Developing rapport
  • Muzzle training
  • Scent theory
  • Obstacle course test
  • Force leading session with a dog – “Forward and Halt”
  • Starting a dog on article retrieve
  • Tracking demonstration – beginning
  • Scent test
  • Explosive detection training
  • Grading of dogs assigned and assignment of new dogs
  • Guide dogs – Turns, hop ups and curbs
  • How to deal with problem dogs
  • Behavior modification – Jolly routine
    • Micturition
    • Caprophagia
    • Separation anxiety
    • Shy sharpness / Dominant aggressiveness
  • Scenarios Tested
    • Guide dog work-outs – Clearance, stairs and malls
  • How to get The Eye of the Dog
  • Office procedures
  • Advertising
  • Customizing the instruction to individuals
    • Lifestyle, Gender, Race, Religion and Culture
    • Police dog training reports
    • Guide dog straight line concept and responsibility
  • Area search training
  • Gunfire
  • Directional control
  • Narcotics detection
  • Book test
  • Practical work-outs with body suit
  • Breeding and whelping
  • Service dog training scenarios
  • Book test and videos test
  • Practical test
  • Practical work-outs in needed areas
  • Oral and practical exams
  • Mock group obedience class practice
  • Lecture – Business Management
  • Police certification procedures
  • Finish any remaining tests
  • Practical work-outs at student discretion
  • Judging lectures
  • Overall evaluation
  • Placement possibilities or “How to Start”
  • Individual sessions on whatever student wants

Protection and Police Dog Training

This course offers protection philosophy and theory, personal protection dog training, obstacle course training, practical applications, and experience working with dogs and clients in preparation for Schutzhund training, scent discrimination, tracking and trailing procedures and agitation techniques with the use of hidden sleeve, muzzle and body suit.

Service Dog Training Course

This course demonstrates theory and practical application of methods used in teaching dogs to lead, go around obstacles, stop at curbs, turns, travel in a straight line, ignore distractions, build initiative, a sense of responsibility and intelligent disobedience.

Instruction will be given on the various considerations involved in the production of sound assistance service and guide dogs, including breeds used, techniques for raising puppies which become assistance service and guide dogs, matching blind people with guide dogs, techniques in working with the blind, and reviewing the requirements for becoming a licensed guide dog instructor.

This course is an excellent introduction to guide dogs, including the history and training process for such dogs.

Includes how to match up a dog for a disabled person .
Working with ALL disabilities including invisible disabilities and diabetic Alert Dogs

This course does not qualify pupils for State licensing as Guide Dog Instructor in California.

Kennel Management

This course offers theory and practical experience in the care and management systems utilized for adult dogs as well as puppies.

Included in this course is breeding, sanitation, grooming, nutrition, whelping, parasites and veterinary care as well as handling techniques and hands on experience.

Obedience Dog Training

This course offers dog psychology, sociology, philosophy, obedience dog training experience, behavior modification techniques, puppy training and the how-to’s in running a dog obedience class.

You will see dogs changing and becoming better suited to their owners and society. Experience the rewarding feeling of being able to influence the lives of dogs and people.