April 19, 2022

Dog Behavior San Diego: Signs Your Dear Canine May Be Suffering From Stress Or Anxiety

By Published On: April 19th, 2022Categories: Article, Blog, Dog Behavior Expert, Dog Behaviorist, San Diego Dog Training

As San Diego dog trainers, ProTrain understands the importance of being familiar with dog behaviors, and the sooner you spot something that is not quite right, the better. The key to realizing that is learning the skills through a highly qualified dog professional such as the men and women behind the ProTrain dog training facility.

As a primer, we share below some signs your dear canine may be suffering from stress or anxiety.

Hair standing up – piloerection can indicate certain emotions. A hair standing up could mean fright and defensiveness. On the other hand, hair standing up on the shoulders or neck could mean their attempt to intimidate – a forewarning of an attack.

Pinned ears – represent nervousness and fear, which usually come together with other tell-tale signs such as having their tail tucked between their legs.

Tail between their legs – usually a sign of them being scared or fearful of something. It is common in skittish dogs when you introduce them to a new environment. If your pup exhibits this behavior, you might consider taking it to a dog trainer that offers behavior modification.

Hard stare – this is common and is usually a sign of aggression. It may mean it is about to attack. If you ever notice two dogs in confrontation, you can safely disrupt the behavior by making a loud noise. If this is a recurring scenario, consider taking your dog to a training facility that offers modifications for dog behavior in San Diego.

Panting – is the way for dogs to discharge body heat. It usually happens when your dear canine is too hot and, therefore, it needs cooling off. However, it may signify anxiety or other medical problems.

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