April 19, 2018

Does Your Dog Do This…

By Published On: April 19th, 2018Categories: Article

Does your fur baby not know its role in your family?

Is Fido confused at who exactly is the Pack Leader in your home?

We consistently hear problems like:

-My dog doesn’t understand commands.

-My dog barks aggressively at other dogs on a walk.

-My dog has a hard time calming down.

-My dog is causing my family stress.

-My dog won’t heel.

-I can’t have guests over without my dog jumping on them.

-I just want my dog to listen to me.

-I want my dog to stop chewing things.

-My dog likes to dig.

-I have a new puppy and I don’t know where to start.


Dog Training requires Behavior Modification. Any unwanted behavior in your canine can be corrected with the proper training.

It takes work. It takes a commitment by you, The Pack Leader. It takes follow up by The Boss.

But how do I know where to start?

Why Professional Dog Training? Can’t I just do it myself?

Having a Professional Dog Trainer makes a world of difference.

And by professional, we mean, Experience, Success and Dedication.


Mark “Dogman” Castillero has trained over 10,000 dogs in his 40 year career. Mark is the owner and founder of Pro-Train Innovative Dog Training. His skilled team of professionals KNOW DOGS. Most of the canine owners that come to Pro-Train for help have been REFERRED by a previous client.

We have a 95% Success Rate!

Plus, we GUARANTEE the Training for the Lifetime of the Dog.

-This includes refresher training and discounted boarding for extended periods due to travel or other needs.

Personalized Training Can Make All the Difference.

Are You Ready to Hear…

-Wow, your dog is so well-behaved!

-How did you get your dog to be so well-trained?

-I wish my dog behaved as well as yours!

Then, call us today to set up an initial consultation at 760-749-0897.

We consistently OUTRANK our competition.

-Our facility is beautiful and relaxing and each canine, no matter the size, loves it.

-Our trainers bond quickly with your dog.

-Each of our trainers has been through the Pro-Train apprenticeship program and is fully equipped to handle all behavior issues.

-We rank high on YELP and receive High Ranks online with our clients.

-Once we have trained a client’s dog, we typically train their future fur babies as well.

-We are Passionate about what we do…and it shows!

Here’s What Others Are Saying About Us…

“I have a wonderful five year old Labrador that Dogman trained. Before he worked with her I was about to give her away. She had chewed furniture, chewed garden and pool hoses, chewed wiring under my RV she would bark for anything and the worst was I couldn’t walk her. She is not that dog anymore. Thanks so much!” 

“I have been a Pro-Train client since 2004. Mark is the world’s greatest guide dog trainer. He custom trained two beautiful Labs; Scooby and Captain to guide me from a motorized wheelchair after all of the non-profit guide dog training programs turned me away because I have severe cerebral palsy and use a wheelchair for mobility in addition to being nearly blind. His innovative training methods and excellent in-community handler instruction with a touch of good humor, enabled me to function confidently and successfully with my dogs in any situation. Pro-Train WORKS MIRACLES WITH DOGS AND PEOPLE!!!!!”

“EVERYONE [at Pro-Train] is so professional and they love what they do. As Dogman Mark says “There’s no such thing as a bad dog” They train and re-train all sorts of dogs and it is amazing to watch them work!”

“Mark and his team at Pro-Train are the greatest. My former wife and I have used Mark for years. She trained two therapy dogs on the foundation Mark laid and still has one (retired). The other died several years ago. We got the female I now have (Belgian Sheepdog/Belgian Malinois mix: Malinois coat, Sheepdog color) when she was about two out of a neglect/abuse situation. She was very insecure, over protective and at one point bit someone inside the house. After five weeks of “boot camp” with Mark, she was a completely renewed dog, living up to her name – Grace. Grace loves to spend time with the team. I travel several times a year and she hangs out for a refresher.”

What are you waiting for? Email us at protraindog@gmail.com to set up an evaluation of your beloved canine. We are straightforward and will tell you exactly what your family needs to have a well-behaved furry family member.