Dog apartment living comes with its own unique set of challenges. From finding an apartment that is not only dog-friendly (particularly to your dog’s breed) to that apartment not excessively charging you extra just to have a pet in your apartment.

Whether you are raising a dog in an apartment, are living with an older dog or perhaps with one or more dogs, each situation will require some useful tips (such as what we’re about to get into) to help you and your dog have a happy coexistence together for many years to come.

Know Your Schedule… and, Your Dog’s!

A dog will not thrive in an apartment day in and day out without your company, so if you know you sometimes have a hectic schedule or even regularly are out for long hours you need to get some help. A dog will not be happy sitting at home waiting for you for hours at a time. This is one of the biggest dog ownership challenges that many dog’s owners face. Finding a dog walker can be a savior to both you and your dog when you know you can’t make it back for her evening walk. There are many dog-walking services out there, research and talk with other owners for the best service around. This will allow for your dog to stick to her schedule even if you can’t always stick with yours.

Check Out the Local Dog Parks

Dog apartment living comes with the challenge of not having a backyard and even minimal outdoor space. So, to combat this challenge, dog parks were created to help you and your dog get some great exercise while also bonding with some other dog owners (and dogs). Not only will this give you and your dog some quality time together to look forward to, dogs know when they are going someplace fun with you, but she will get the exercise she needs after being cooped up indoors for much of the day.

Consider Dog Training

Raising a dog in an apartment may offer some unique difficulties compared to a dog that lives in a house. Chances are you don’t have a backyard, so your dog can’t just exit through a doggy door every time she needs to relieve herself, and she may have issues with your very close neighbors. Even if you have already trained your dog you may want to consider some specialized training for living in an apartment. After all, no one likes a dog that barks every time the elevator door opens or gets so anxious with the strange noises that she defecates over your new rug or tears apart your couch pillows.

Her Own Safe Place

Crate training is also another option for those dogs that need to feel safe while you are away. And while I’m on the topic of making her feel safe, why not create a space that is just for her and that has all of her favorite things, a blanket, a chew toy, whatever she likes. This space can be within a crate or outside of a crate, whatever she needs and what you both prefer. If you know she gets really anxious while you are away, put things near her that remind her of you, anything that has your scent, like a pillow or a favorite sweater.

Extra Considerations

Dog apartment living doesn’t have to be as challenging as you may think. Be open and honest with your landlord about your current pet, or if you plan to get a pet. There are breed restrictions for a reason and often one dog will flourish in an apartment better than another breed.

Consider the floor you live on, if you already live on a higher floor maybe you want to see if you can switch apartments to one that is on a lower level, this will make potty training that much easier if you are raising a puppy.

Keeping your dog happy is the best way to ensure that you are also happy.

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