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Designing a Dog-Safe Garden

If you have a dog and would like to keep a beautiful garden at the same time, there is absolutely no reason why you cannot achieve this. What is important is that both you and your canine friend can enjoy the benefits of a relaxing and lovely garden without stressing one another. You and your [...]

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Entrepreneurs with Disabilities: Strategies for Success

Are you an aspiring entrepreneur with a disability? If you are, more than likely you’ve overcome challenges in your life in a unique way. So now that you have the vision and dream of small business ownership, it’s time to tackle the realities of running a small business day-to-day. Here are a few strategies [...]

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Service Dog Training Done Right…and Custom Tailored to the Specific Individual

Becoming a certified dog and handler takes work...but it's worth the reward. Local Animal Expert and Behaviorist DogMan Mark Castillero Helps People Gain their Independence Independence means different things to different people. For Carol Stoveken, who suffers from post-polio syndrome, it means trusting in a mixed breed rescue dog named Hendrix. Carol, a [...]

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