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Challenges of Apartment Living for Dog Owners

Dog apartment living comes with its own unique set of challenges. From finding an apartment that is not only dog-friendly (particularly to your dog’s breed) to that apartment not excessively charging you extra just to have a pet in your apartment. Whether you are raising a dog in an apartment, are living with an older [...]

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Things to Buy After Adopting a Dog

The beauty of adopting is the options you have. Sometimes a puppy is the right choice, but there are plenty of adult dogs who are potty trained and looking for loving homes. Adopting a dog is FREE tomorrow during Clear the Shelters Day. Adopting a dog from a local shelter can be one of [...]

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Pet Survival Kit Basics: Be Prepared

Today we have a great infographic to show you from It has been made to make owners aware of what they should have packed in a bag for their dogs just in case of an emergency situation such as a terror attack or natural disaster.  

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Canine Behavior and Genetic Predisposition

Did you know that your canine's behavior could actually be affected by the gene pool to which they belong? So when see your fur baby playing fetch over and over again (hello, English Springer Spaniel) or is unstoppable at chewing the blanket (but the labs are so cute!), do remember that it is their genetic [...]

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