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What You Need to Know as a First-Time Pet Owner

The bond between humans and other animals is an ancient one. We have been domesticating animals since we developed society. It’s natural to desire the companionship of a pet. Here is what you need to know before you get your first pet.


Make sure you’re prepared to own a pet before you make the leap. You may want a dog, but if you cannot commit to taking them for a walk at least three times a day, it may be better to pick another animal. A cat can provide the same affection but needs less interaction. Pick something that fits your lifestyle and your home’s size.

Don’t discount allergies. Get tested before you get your pet to be sure everyone in your home can live with your new friend. Make sure that when you do acquire your pet, you get the supplies you need before they come home. You’ll need to pet-proof your house to keep them from getting into toxic substances, or areas they shouldn’t go. They will also need food, water bowls and plenty of toys, as well as cleaning supplies. Make sure you have a vet picked out beforehand as well, as you never know when you will need one.


Your pet, especially if it is a rescue, may be nervous when they first arrive. The best thing you can do to bond with your new pet, to help them acclimate to their new surroundings, is to give them time and space. Training is an excellent way to help your pet know their place in their new home, but also to bond with you as their caregiver. Daily grooming, like brushing, is another way to get closer to your pet while seeing to their needs. Play with your pet. The more you engage with them, the more they will learn to love you. The more you play with them, the better behaved they will be. An engaged, happily tired pet has less energy and inclination to be destructive than a bored, under-stimulated pet.

In Recovery

Pets can be invaluable to all our lives, but especially to those in addiction recovery. Pets can help us in so many ways, including fighting off anxiety and depression, and helping us to feel less isolated. Being near our pets can release serotonin and endorphins, as well as give us comfort. If you are struggling to find motivation or a reason to keep pushing forward, a pet can be just what you need. They will be there for you to love you no matter what, but they will also depend on you for their survival and well-being. Taking just a little time with your pet each day can allow you to reap many benefits, so don’t shy away from including your pet in any activity you enjoy, like bringing your dog on a hiking or camping trip. They keep us connected both to ourselves, and the world around us.

Pets can provide comfort to us, and offer the sort of unconditional love many of us crave. But as much as we gain from having them in our lives, they too can benefit from being cared for by a loving owner. Often, your pet will be with you their entire lives. Be prepared, do your research, and dive into what may be the best years of your life.



Pro-Train: For Effective, Reliable Private Dog Training, Orange County, CA

Whether you have been a dog owner for quite some time or just got a new adorable puppy, if you are looking for a private dog training, Orange County, CA, the team at Pro-Train will surely be able to cater to your needs. The facility accepts any dog breeds needing improvement from different issues – obedience, aggressiveness, tricks, among other.

Why a private dog training might be the best way to improve your dog:

Dedicated training. A private dog training means more time is allocated for your dog. In fact, most of the time, it is a one-to-one session. This also means that there is more time to observe and understand the behavior or characteristics of your dog; and therefore, the best approach for improvement can be implemented.

Avoiding trouble with other dogs. There are dogs that are super-aggressive that when they are mixed with other dogs, they cause headache to their owners. If your dog is a bit more aggressive than the usual dog (our initial assessment can provide diagnosis), then a private dog training, Orange County, CA is the way to go until it becomes sociable to put along with other dogs.

Cost effective. Because private dog training is focused on the specific needs of your dear canine, the training session can be scheduled with flexibility. In other words, you can make the most from your payment. You do not need to pay for the training sessions that your dog has not participated (as opposed to a group dog training wherein the schedule is group-dictated).

Contact Pro-Train today for effective, reliable private dog training, Orange County, CA.

Please call (760) 749-0897 for more.

Make this Summer a Fun and Better Training Season for Your Dog

The summer season is here! By now, many are probably starting out a plan for outdoor activities, family getaway. But here’s what you should not forget including in your summer plan most especially if you’ve got a dog: a professional training for your dear canine.

If you are within San Diego and the surrounding areas, come visit us at the Pro-Train dog training facility and see it for yourself the dog training programs we have in store for our clients. With Pro-Train, you will surely can make this summer a fun and better training season for your lovely pooch.

Here are some compelling reasons why train your dog with Pro-Train this summer:

The weather is ideal for your dog to go outdoor. The weather is perfect for a dog walk by the beach, stroll the nearby park, or join other dogs at our facility. Whether you leave your dog at Pro-Train as you enjoy summer activities somewhere else or you train your dog with us, you and your lovely canine will surely have a good time.

Personalized dog training. Pro-Train starts with assessment. This process is done in order to draw a baseline for the training that your dog needs – where to begin, what should be done first, among others. And because it’s summer, we carry out a training program that is most appropriate for the season. We see to it that the program is tailored to the need of your dog based on the results of the assessment.

You will have it trained by experts. All year round, clients can expect the best dog training available in the country today as it will be facilitated by no less than the dogman himself, Mark Castillero (learn more about him and his accomplishment) and his expert associates at Pro-Train. Whether your dog is just starting out to learn the basics, or to address certain obedience issues or a more-advanced set of tricks, the Pro-Train training facility is the way to go this summer.

Great deals on dog training available. Another good reason to take your dog to a summer training is that you can find quite a number of good training deals around. By simply doing a search online, you can see these deals in the San Diego area. Here at Pro-Train, for instance, you can join in our referral programs such as the Pro-Train biz cards (contact us to learn more about this).

So, is your dog ready for trips to Dog Beach, the park and your many summer adventures? Now is the perfect time to get your pooch trained.

Email us at or contact us at (760) 749-0897 for a consultation.

Training a Small Dog – Is It Necessary?

Is it necessary to train your small dog? Many people realize the importance of training a large, strong dog and the reasons are obvious.

Large dogs can outrun a human and without control can injure another person or animal, or the owner himself. These dogs are strong. If a large dog has not received obedience training, what could be a simple walk on a leash can be nearly impossible.
On the other hand, small dogs do not appear threatening and are not particularly strong. This does not eliminate the problems. Picking the dog up and carrying her is not the solution.

The importance for you and your small dog to have some obedience training is vitally important. Your relationship with her and her health will be improved by your investment in the training.
By being aggressive when in the presence of a large dog, your dog may well be in jeopardy. Who would win in an argument with a Chihuahua? Would it be the Chihuahua or the German Shepherd dog? That is an easy question.

Training Your Small Dog against Aggression

Small dogs are commonly aggressive. It is almost a Napoleonic syndrome. Owners sometimes don’t see this as a problem because they assume that the little one is too small to hurt someone. They believe that the little dog’s show of power is “cute”. This is an insufficient reason to not address the behavior and it is an errant assumption.

Aggression in small dogs is as large an issue as it is with big dogs. The main reason small dogs become aggressive is that they have not had obedience training.
Making an excuse about how cute the dog is or picking it up are both very detrimental. What this does is give rewards for an inappropriate behavior by giving the dog the attention she wants. Cute does get attention, but you must remain in control.

Training Your Small Dog on Who is the Alpha

The dynamics mentioned allow your small dog to believe it is the dominant one in your relationship and it is in control. Your dominance needs to be asserted consistently and effectively. If not, you and your dog will continue to fight for the top spot in the pack.

Obedience training benefits are not limited to specific commands that are taught. By going through a good obedience regimen you are teaching the dog that you are in charge. You establish your authority and open a clear line of communication with the dog. This is a very important part of your relationship with your dog. By listening to your commands, your dog can be protected from potentially dangerous situations.
Keeping her safe effectively requires the tools to command your dog’s attention and respect.

Basic Dog Obedience Training Classes for Your Small Dog

You undoubtedly want the best for your small dog. Giving the best care possible means training through a basic obedience class. The investment in time is well worth the cost of the classes.
Training your small dog on your own with guidance can be just as effective. These classes take very little effort and contain numerous benefits.

You will be amazed at how much simple training can improve your relationship.

Getting Rover Ready for a Road Trip

Who’s up for a summer road trip with Fido? Photo by adrian on Unsplash

Dogs are hugely popular in America and 36.5% of American households have one. When vacation time rolls around, owners always debate whether to bring their beloved dog along or not.
From an emotional point of view the decision is easy. Why would anyone deprive their children of the unconditional love a dog provides? From a more practical point of view, however, the idea of bringing a four-legged friend on a road trip is terrifying for many owners.
Surely, bringing a dog along will cost more and incur hassle? Like with many things, this so-called truth may not hold up in the light of day. Boarding costs in America are between $25 and $45 a night which adds up very quickly. If you want to save this money, you need to know how to prepare to road trip with a dog.

Start Well in Advance

As with anything, your dog thrives on familiarity. Crate travel is the safest option for your dog, so it is vital that they are used to, and comfortable, with spending time within a specially-designed and safe crate. Take the time to familiarize your dog with the crate, reward him for spending time in it and avoid using it as a punishment. The more positive experiences he associates with the crate, the easier it will be to get him used to using it.
Before going on your road trip make sure that every trip you take your dog on, even just to the shops, involves the crate. It is one thing to be used to the crate, it is quite another when it is in a vehicle.

Plan Your Rest Stops Carefully

It is vital that you build in plenty of rest stops, not just for you, but for your dog too. Think of your family as having gained a new child; you can’t just stop, pee and dash anymore – your dog will need an opportunity to burn off some energy and have fun, just like kids do. Comfort breaks will simply need to be longer and will require more than a bush by the side of the road to hide behind.

Let’s get comfy…sleeping accommodations are important.

Where Are You Going to Sleep

Where to spend the night is a big question on any trip. Being shackled by the need to find a motel or hotel along the way can really put a dampener on the afternoon of a trip. When you add in the worry that you will also need to ensure that any hotels along your route are dog-friendly, it just seems like a recipe for unneeded stress.
Vacationing in an RV removes many of these worries. RVs allow you to bring your home along with you. The children and dog all have familiar surroundings every night and you only need look for a parking space. Bringing an RV can also save you a substantial amount of money along the way on motel and diner bills.

Remember to Have A Dog Aid Kit

New parents learn quickly that their little bundles of joy require more bags and equipment than they could have ever imagined. Having a dog on a long trip is much the same. Make sure you have seat covers, towels, tweezers, wet wipes and a collapsible bowl with you at all times. Do not assume that your destination will have anything you need. If your pet needs a specialist diet then bring enough along for a significant portion of your journey.

Be prepared with a Dog Aid Kit.

Finally, Prepare for The Worst

It is vital that you get your dog vaccinated and chipped. You will be going to strange and unfamiliar places, so ensure that if your dog gets distracted, or attacked you’ve maximize your chances of it pulling through or being returned to you. But most of all, remember the trip is supposed to be fun for both you and the dog.

Happy Trails from all of us at Pro-Train Innovative Dog Training. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions related to Summer Travel. Need your dog trained before a big (or small) trip this Summer? Our trained professionals can have your dog ready for your adventures in as little as two weeks!

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