All of the prospective dog trainers you have on your list may claim that they are the most qualified in town. But the fact remains that not all of them are equal. Thus, it makes sense to be more careful when hiring for dog obedience training, San Diego. Or else, you might end up throwing your money down the drain.

Asking the following questions can help you trim your list of prospective dog trainers down to the most qualified ones and eventually select the one that can best fit the needs of your canine.

How long has the dog trainer been providing the service?

They say that experience polishes expertise. That is true when we talk about a provider of dog obedience training, San Diego. That is why it is crucial to ask your prospects about the number of years they have been in business. Asking this question allows you to find the ‘seasoned’ ones.

Is dog obedience training the main business?

Your prospective dog trainer might be offering obedience dog training, but it might not be their area of specialization. Worse, he might be a seller of some dog accessories presenting himself as an expert trainer. Consider a candidate only if the answer to this question is YES. A dog obedience training specialist means more focused on what your dog needs. It also means that the trainer has the necessary strategic know-how in addressing your dog’s unique issues in the most effective way possible.

How does the dog trainer charge?

There are dog obedience trainers who charge per class fees; others bill you by the hour. Regardless, you must ask this question early on so that you can figure out the number and do what the number tells you. It helps you avoid paying ‘extra’ fees.

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