Gig Economy Can Help You Earn An Income Between Job Interviews

It’s a whole new era for income earners! The sky’s the limit!

Getting a job can be tough but especially if you have disabilities that have prevented you from gaining experience. But, for most of us, not working isn’t an option. Keep reading for ways to get your own gig going and tips on how to handle the interview process if starting your own business isn’t your goal.

A New Way to Work

Technology has made self-employment a reality for a huge chunk of today’s workforce. Whether you want to work at home or are simply looking for opportunities to contract, you’ll find them online. A few of the best freelance/contract work platforms include:

If you’re a dog person, Rover has people and pets that want to meet you. By becoming a dog walker, pet sitter, or boarder, you’ll get to turn your passion for pups into a paycheck. Rover offers the chance to book your own appointments and set your own rates and ensures you are paid for your time. It’s a turnkey platform for aspiring entrepreneurs that don’t have the time to devote to establishing a new business.


If you like to drive and don’t mind darting around town with food in your car, DoorDash can whet your appetite for employment and flexibility. As a Dasher, you might drop off waffles for a stay-at-home mom’s kid’s breakfast and deliver a tofu salad to a professional office building. Every day is a new culinary adventure. Sign up here.

Here’s another driving gig that can get you out of the house but without leaving a lingering food smell after each project. As a Lyft (or Uber) driver, you set your own times that you’re available. Drive around, accept pickup requests, deliver your client to their location, and get paid.

If you’re quick like a bunny and have a handy skill, you can multiply your earnings as a handyman, cleaner or personal assistant through TaskRabbit. Set your own rates and only accept the jobs you want to do. You can register as a tasker on the company’s website.


Starting a Drop-Ship Business

You aren’t limited to pre-planned opportunities. If you’re aggressive and don’t mind a little hard work locating clients, you might also consider starting your own business drop-shipping in-demand products. A drop-ship business model is one of the few truly low-risk ventures. Basically, you pick a product, market it under your own brand and have the manufacturer ship directly to your customer. You pay a wholesale price for the merchandise and keep whatever profit you’ve built into your pricing structure.

A career as a dog trainer is a rewarding one indeed.

Becoming Dog Trainer

We’re biased here at Pro-Train. We love what we do and we want to train others who have the same passion for helping canines and their clients.  Becoming a dog trainer is one of the most rewarding careers and offers many opportunities for flexibility and income potential. To learn more about becoming a dog trainer, check out the Best Selling Book by our Founder, Mark “Dogman” Castillero. More than a Dog Trainer: Making it Big in the Dog Training Industry details all the steps and preparations for becoming a dog trainer.

Acing an Interview

If you’d rather stick with traditional employment, you’ll first need to get yourself in the doors for an interview. If you don’t have any experience, however, you’ll need to outshine the competition by proving you’re qualified. This starts by presenting a great resume.

Resume Companion lists three resume types: chronological, functional and combination. You may want to steer clear of chronological if you haven’t held a job before or have gaps in your work history. A functional resume gives you the space to showcase your talents and achievements without drawing attention to blank spaces in your professional past.

If you manage to snag an interview, you’ll need to be prepared to answer tough questions. Monster contributor Martin Yate explains that recruiters are looking for applicants that understand the position in which they are applying, have relevant skills and are enthusiastic. Make sure you know about the company and can highlight past experience, even if its unpaid experience — volunteering in the church nursery at the very least shows you aren’t afraid of hard work.

If you want (or need) to earn an income, but you have issues that prevent certain types of employment, starting your own business is a good way to go. But there’s no reason you can’t clock in and out in a 9-to-5 either.



Dog Obedience Training, San Diego

It’s undeniable that taking your dog into an obedience training gives a number of benefits (for both the owner and the canine). However, many find taking their dogs to a training facility a hard-to-fulfill commitment because they do not have the luxury of time to squeeze it in their schedules.

If you are having a second thought on whether or not to take your dog to an obedience training program, here are some of its benefits that may help you finally realize that it is the way to go for your dear canine.

Dog obedience training San Diego is for…

Better control. The fundamental concepts of obedience training for dogs is for them to understand basic commands, learn how they become more social, and how they are expected to behave not just in front of you but other people as well. For instance, with obedience training, your dog can effectively learn commands like sit, come, drop it, leave it, stay, stop, wait, among others.

Helps develop a stronger bond. With dog obedience training San Diego, you can expect a stronger bond between you and your dear canine. A well-trained dog is more manageable, relaxed, content, and confident. When your dog completes an obedience training, you can expect it to pay more attention to you, its owner.

Safety. A dog that is obedience well-trained can help make your place a safer place. Even without your full supervision, your dog is safe to be around your family and friends. Obedience training makes it a low-risk pet. Of course, you do not discard the fact that, at the end of the day, animals will be animals, and they sometimes are unpredictable. Therefore, it still makes sense that those people around it are mindful and act in the most friendly way with your pet.

The positive impact on mood of the owner. Dogs are naturally beneficial to human’s psychological and emotional wellness. What more when your dog becomes more adorable after learning some obedience and other tricks? It is beneficial the the overall well-being of the owner.

For expert dog obedience training San Diego, contact one of the most trusted in the area – Pro-Train.

Call today at 1-877-BAD DOGS.

Challenges of Apartment Living for Dog Owners

Dog apartment living comes with its own unique set of challenges. From finding an apartment that is not only dog-friendly (particularly to your dog’s breed) to that apartment not excessively charging you extra just to have a pet in your apartment.

Whether you are raising a dog in an apartment, are living with an older dog or perhaps with one or more dogs, each situation will require some useful tips (such as what we’re about to get into) to help you and your dog have a happy coexistence together for many years to come.

Know Your Schedule… and, Your Dog’s!

A dog will not thrive in an apartment day in and day out without your company, so if you know you sometimes have a hectic schedule or even regularly are out for long hours you need to get some help. A dog will not be happy sitting at home waiting for you for hours at a time. This is one of the biggest dog ownership challenges that many dog’s owners face. Finding a dog walker can be a savior to both you and your dog when you know you can’t make it back for her evening walk. There are many dog-walking services out there, research and talk with other owners for the best service around. This will allow for your dog to stick to her schedule even if you can’t always stick with yours.

Check Out the Local Dog Parks

Dog apartment living comes with the challenge of not having a backyard and even minimal outdoor space. So, to combat this challenge, dog parks were created to help you and your dog get some great exercise while also bonding with some other dog owners (and dogs). Not only will this give you and your dog some quality time together to look forward to, dogs know when they are going someplace fun with you, but she will get the exercise she needs after being cooped up indoors for much of the day.

Consider Dog Training

Raising a dog in an apartment may offer some unique difficulties compared to a dog that lives in a house. Chances are you don’t have a backyard, so your dog can’t just exit through a doggy door every time she needs to relieve herself, and she may have issues with your very close neighbors. Even if you have already trained your dog you may want to consider some specialized training for living in an apartment. After all, no one likes a dog that barks every time the elevator door opens or gets so anxious with the strange noises that she defecates over your new rug or tears apart your couch pillows.

Her Own Safe Place

Crate training is also another option for those dogs that need to feel safe while you are away. And while I’m on the topic of making her feel safe, why not create a space that is just for her and that has all of her favorite things, a blanket, a chew toy, whatever she likes. This space can be within a crate or outside of a crate, whatever she needs and what you both prefer. If you know she gets really anxious while you are away, put things near her that remind her of you, anything that has your scent, like a pillow or a favorite sweater.

Extra Considerations

Dog apartment living doesn’t have to be as challenging as you may think. Be open and honest with your landlord about your current pet, or if you plan to get a pet. There are breed restrictions for a reason and often one dog will flourish in an apartment better than another breed.

Consider the floor you live on, if you already live on a higher floor maybe you want to see if you can switch apartments to one that is on a lower level, this will make potty training that much easier if you are raising a puppy.

Keeping your dog happy is the best way to ensure that you are also happy.

Author’s Bio:

Danielle thrives on researching and writing on all aspects of life. Further to writing for Zumper blog and personal finance, she is an advocate of self-improvement and living a life that is both financially responsible and knowledgeable. When she is not on her computer, she can be found spending time with her husband and two sons.


Dog obedience training, Escondido, CA – Some Benefits To The Owner

It is a given fact that obedience training can benefit the dog a lot. But it can also benefit the owner in a number of ways. So, this time, we focus on the latter – the undeniable benefits of a dog obedience training, Escondido, CA to the owner.

Here are some:

Fun and knowledge during training. One of the reasons why many owners enroll in a dog obedience training, Escondido, CA, is the fun and the knowledge they reap from every session. It provides a great opportunity for them to meet other dog owners and get invaluable knowledge and skills that extend beyond dog obedience commands.

Helps the owner for easy dog management. A dog training facility like the ProTrain teaches the basics (and the complex) commands that enable owners manage their dog a lot easier. When the dog is more manageable, it is highly likely that problems like misbehaving or become uncontrollable in front of other people are avoided. This is really beneficial in a number of cases particularly when it comes to events or gathering. It means, there is no need for the dog to be left at home or be shut away from the events by the owner himself.

Peace of mind. An obedient dog provides a peace of mind to the owner knowing that it can go along with other members of the family and friends. With dog obedience commands, situations that are both dangerous to human and the pet are greatly avoided.

A closer owner-dog bond results positive outlook in life. Recent studies have shown that those owners who have a more obedient dog are more likely to have positive outlook in life. The satisfaction and the stronger bond the training creates contribute to such positivity. Dog obedience training gives more pleasure to the owner as it results to having their canine well-behaved, obedient, relaxed, and responsive.

For expert dog obedience training, Escondido, CA, contact ProTrain today at (760) 749-0897.

Train Your Dog to Enjoy Children

Photo by Nathan Hanna on Unsplash

Children who grow up with dogs are more active than those without, with one study finding they do an average of 360 steps more every day. Some dogs will naturally like being around children and enjoy their company, while others can find them too loud and overwhelming, which could lead to aggressive behavior, often due to fear.

When introducing dogs to children for the first time make sure the experience is positive. With some basic training and rules in place, children and dogs get on brilliantly together and form relationships that can’t be beaten, making dogs a good addition to any family.

Training a Pup

Bringing a puppy into your home can be a joyful experience. Whether you’re expecting your first child, or your pooch is moving in to a home with children, you’ll need to teach them how they should behave. Between the ages of 8-16 weeks your puppy will be able to learn and comfortably accept a variety of new situations, so it’s a critical time to introduce them to everything they’ll encounter daily.

If you don’t have children, ask family or friend if you can introduce them to their children. Make sure the child is comfortable with your dog and is happy to pet them and offer treats so that your dog associates children with positive things.

Training an Older Dog 

If you’ve rescued or adopted an adult dog that isn’t familiar with children, then training may take a little bit longer and you might need them to unlearn old habits. Adult dogs should be introduced to children gradually, starting with older children who will be calmer around them, and then work towards younger children, who are usually more playful and noisy until your dog is comfortable around them.

Children’s games and toys can be loud and scary for dogs, so introduce these to dogs without children around so that they become familiar with the sounds. Alternatively, there are some games that children like to play, such as charades, that dogs may want to get involved in. When kids are acting movies out keep an eye on your dog to make sure they don’t become excitable and jump up. You should also teach them not to play with toys that aren’t their own with the ‘leave’ and ‘stay’ commands.

Rules for All Dogs

Dogs of any age should be trained to listen to their owner and treat them as the leader of the pack. Taking them to an obedience dog trainer and doing regular training at home with them will form a strong bond between you and your dog where they will trust you and listen to you.

You should teach dogs not to jump up on people, so that they don’t excitedly welcome a child and accidentally push them over. This is regardless of your dog’s size as even smaller breeds can jump up with force and it can scare the child. Teach your dog to associate good things with all four paws being on the floor, so tell them to sit when they jump up and then give them lots of attention and treats for the good behavior.

Training your dog how to behave around children is essential as they will encounter them at some point, whether it’s out on a walk, at family gatherings or your own children. It’s important that children are also taught rules on how to behave around dogs, such as to pet them gently, not to pull their fur or tail and not to chase them as this will all make your dog feel negatively towards children.



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