Summer Camp 2016 at Pro-Train

Summer Camp 2016 at Pro-Train
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The grass is always greener outside the kennel.

Take me to Summer Camp at Pro-Train!

Take me to Summer Camp at Pro-Train!

Summer is here…and that means many of you will travel. But where will your beloved dog stay while you are away?

Pro-Train Dog School is a great alternative to a traditional boarding kennel.
Your dog will get trained while you are gone…all in a safe and beautiful environment.

Located in beautiful Vista, California, amidst acres of avocado groves, Summer Camp 2016 includes exposure to everyday activities like:

-Play time in the community
-Out and about time in town in shopping centers and other public places
-Social time with other dogs in a natural, outdoor environment

How It Works

We Start with an initial consultation of 1-2 hours to evaluate, train, instruct you and customize a training program for your specific needs.

Your dog stays at our facility for 2-3 weeks. We then schedule training sessions to familiarize you with the techniques used to ensure the dog behaves well for you in your home.


Limited Offer, Limited Spots Available!
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Overly Excited Dogs and Guests

Overly Excited Dogs and Guests


Is Your Dog Overly Excited When Guests Arrive? A Not-So-Friendly Welcome

You’re expecting guests. The doorbell rings. The dog barks. Wagging its tail…he is ready to welcome your guests. You open the door to greet them, but your beloved pet is now overly excited and jumping on your guests.

Things could be worse, right? No harm, no foul.  What’s a little doggy slobber from a friendly pooch?

Animal Behavior Specialist and Owner of Pro-Train Innovative Dog Institute, Mark Castillero warns against allowing this behavior.  “Lots of people take that attitude and they let their dog’s behavior continue.  They even let their guests encourage the behavior by giving the dog attention when he’s so excited,” he said. “These are behaviors you don’t want to see your dog doing no matter what the circumstances are.”

DogMan Mark, as he’s known by his clients, suggests that you are consistent and behave as the pack leader in your home.  DogMan Mark shares his wisdom on tried-and-true ways to break the bad behavior.

First, Know Why Your Dog Is Excited

In the first place, you should know that what you think is excitement in your dog isn’t always excitement.  Your beloved Fido may be jumping around trying to let your guests know that he’s the boss.  If your dog is jumping on your visitors he is telling them that he’s in charge…and letting them know it.

Dogman Mark warns of attention seekers. “A dog may be trying to get attention and the dog knows that if it bounces around the room in front of people it will get some attention,” adding  “It gets your attention, doesn’t it?”

233883651_5d78590638_zFive Proven Strategies to Stop the Behavior

You Need to Be the Leader of the Pack at All Times.  You should take charge of your home.  Your dog won’t try to take over the role of leader or be dominant if you are already clearly the leader of the pack in your home.  You can do this by being adamant and not giving in to your dog. You should make your dog earn the things you give him. Don’t falter or change your mind when you give a command, and watch carefully how your dog interacts with other animals and people in the house so you can stay in charge.

When You Come Home You Should Ignore Your Dog.  If your dog gets excited or anxious when you come home you need to change your dog’s expectations.  He probably expects attention as soon as anyone comes in the door.  Start ignoring your dog when you come home every day and you will change what your dog expects. If your dog learns that you won’t walk him or pet him as soon as you come home each day, then he will stop looking for that same attention from your visitors when they come through the door.

Require Correct Behavior.  If your dog engages in behavior like jumping on your visitors or licking them, you need to correct your dog’s behavior.  You shouldn’t hit your dog or yell at him.  That will only confuse him and lead to aggression. However, you need to “reset” your dog or make him start over.  Have your dog sit and don’t allow him to have any attention until he becomes submissive and calm.

Have Your Dog Sit with Your Visitors.  Before you allow people to come in the house, have your dog sit and wait for them to enter from a slight distance.  You can have an imaginary line that your dog isn’t allowed to cross. You should “own” your door and take control of it.  If your dog starts to leave his sitting position you shouldn’t open the door.

Explain to Your Visitors.  You should talk to your visitors so they understand they shouldn’t give your dog any attention right away.  Tell them they shouldn’t make eye contact with your dog or interact with him.  You may need to be just about as strict with your visitors as you are with your dog.

Hug Your Dog Today!Take charge and show your dog how he should behave.  If you are consistent with your dog and your visitors then this kind of bad behavior should disappear very quickly. If you are concerned with an ongoing behavioral issue or your beloved pet needs further training, contact Mark at  For a limited time, he is offering $100 credit valid towards your consultation or your dog’s specific custom-tailored program. Summer training sessions book quickly. Don’t delay.

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Finding a Trusted Service Dog Provider in San Diego, CA

For individuals who have disabilities such as visual and hearing impairments or mental illnesses (posttraumatic stress disorder) a service dog can be a great buddy to have. Most of us can agree that dogs in general are delightful creatures to have around.

When looking for a trusted service dog provider in San Diego, CA there is one name that tops other providers – Pro-Train. It is an organization of professional dog trainers, dedicated to the training of top quality animals for the purpose of private ownership of properly trained and obedient dogs.

Why Pro-Train is a trusted service dog provider in San Diego, CA?

Here are a some compelling reasons:

  • Accepts qualified applicants from throughout the United States. Clients from anywhere in the country who are looking for service dog provider in San Diego, CA can rest assured that Pro-Train can cater to their need for a service dog.
  • Decades of experience in dog training. Pro-Train has been around for almost four decades now. That is quite a long time of experience in this business. It means that the organization has refined its training process for better training results.
  • Customized service dog training. Trainings at Pro-Train are done in an individual and customized basis. Our company recognizes the fact that every dog (and its would-be-owner) is unique, so we design a training program for a customer’s specific needs.

Trained service dogs a customer can have from Pro-Train

  • Hearing dogs – these dogs respond to different sounds, which may include knocking, doorbells, and a phone ringing
  • Service dogs – these dogs can turn lights on or off, retrieve dropped objects, as well as can open and close doors.
  • Guide dogs – these dogs are specifically useful to those who are visually impaired and can be taught to guide an individual around obstacles
  • Dual trained dogs – for individuals with multiple disabilities

Have more questions about service dogs? Don’t hesitate to contact the number one service dog provider in San Diego, CA – Pro-Train.

Call today at (760) 749-0897

Mark Castillero on Transition Radio with Paula Shaw and Don Meredith

Meet Mark Castillero the trainer of trainers with Pro-Train | Personalized Dog Training in San Diego and author of the forthcoming book “More Than A Dog Whisperer” on AM 1170 The Answer. Listen to the podcast in the link below.

Mark Castillero on Transition Radio with Paula Shaw and Don Meredith

Check out some pictures from the podcast.


Breaking Bad: Surefire Ways to Stop Your Dog from Jumping

Breaking Bad: Surefire Ways to Stop Your Dog from Jumping
It's vital that your pet knows not to jump on people, especially children.

It’s vital that your pet knows not to jump on people, especially children.

No one wants their dog to jump on people and possibly hurt someone when they visit your home. This is a special concern with children and the elderly who can easily be hurt if they fall. You can avoid this kind of accident by teaching your dog from an early age that jumping is unacceptable. Using DogMan Mark Wisdom will help your dog stop jumping even faster than you expect.

Make the Jumping Stop

Your dog is excited. He likes people. He’s happy when new people visit. And he loves to jump! Dogs are built to jump and it’s something they love to do. It may seem almost impossible to get your dog to stop trying to jump up in the faces of your family and friends at times.
Fortunately, when it comes to bad behaviors, jumping up on people is one of the easier problems to stop. Here are some tips to help you make the jumping stop.

First Determine WHY Your Dog Is Jumping

There are reasons why your dog is jumping. It’s not just because your dog wants to get in your face. Your dog wants to be dominant over any new people who enter the house. Your dog thinks he’s the alpha dog in the home, the leader of the pack, and he thinks he can do what he wants to do. Naturally, this doesn’t apply to every dog who jumps. In some cases a dog jumps because they want to be closer to people so they can greet them. Dogs will sniff and smell other dogs’ faces as a greeting. It’s not surprising they want to smell our faces.
Dogs will also jump because they’ve been rewarded for jumping in the past. If you pet your dog for jumping you’re giving your dog the message that you approve of the behavior. This is not a good way to get the jumping to stop.

The goal is a dog who knows his place.

The goal is a dog who knows his place.

WHAT You can do to Stop the Jumping

First, you need to stop making a fuss about returning home. If your dog gets excited and overly happy when people come in the house, your dog will show this same kind of behavior when strangers come in the home. That includes the elderly and children, and these are people who could be hurt by an overly excited dog.

Start waiting 10 to 15 minutes after you arrive home before you greet your dog. This will remove the excitement from your greeting and allow your dog to calm down. You should also put yourself down on your dog’s level to give the greeting.
Get down to your dog’s level so your dog can smell your face. This is a surefire way to stop the jumping. You can teach your dog that he only gets to greet you when you are on his level.
You can also teach your dog to respond to certain commands. Teach your dog to sit and stay before greeting them. Teach your dog the “Off” command so they get off you right away.

Teach Your Dog the “Off” Command

The “Off” Command is a must to stop the jumping. Teach it right away and immediately reward him for getting off you with a treat or praise. Your dog will learn quickly.
You will need to be consistent with the command. Tell everyone in your home that your dog has to follow the new command. Allowing your dog to disobey the command is unacceptable. If everyone follows the same command with your dog, your dog will learn much more quickly the meaning of “OFF.”

In no time, you will have an obedient dog who understands his place and will heed your command. Such a relief to welcome people into your home without fear of a jumping dog.

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