Patty with her new service dog, Oreo.

Dogman Mark Delivers Hope to Pennsylvania Woman

Patty Kruthers deals with MS with grace and courage. After losing her husband several years ago, Patty had to rely on herself for more daily activities. She had heard about Dogman Mark Castillero and Pro-Train Innovative from her cousin in California. She decided to at least give Mark a call to find out more.

And that’s where hope came into the picture.

Mark found a German Shepherd named Oreo who he trained as a service dog specifically for Patty’s needs. Mark delivered the 3-year old service dog to Patty a few weeks ago and stayed to make sure both owner and canine passed their service dog final exam. This included being able to go down stairs, go in an elevator, bracing assistance from chair and bed, and much more.

A Service Dog Can be a Game Changer

“Oreo has been a Game Changer for me, said Patty who has had increased trouble walking in recent years. “ Oreo gives me confidence to approach each day.” Patty went from using two crutches to just one with Oreo’s assistance. Patty works 15 hours a week and Oreo goes to work with her. “When he puts on that vest and harness, he knows he has a job to do.” Oreo also can retrieve items for her and when she goes outside she doesn’t have be afraid of not being able to get up if she falls since Oreo can brace to help her get up. Patty had such a great experience with Mark. She trusted Mark with his choice of dog and was delighted when she learned she would be getting a German Shepherd. She was a bit concerned about introducing Oreo to her Terrier mix. But they have gotten along very well since meeting last month.

Patty would recommend Mark to anyone needing a service dog. Don’t wait too long, she adds. “After dealing with MS for many years, it was very easy to let myself stay home and hibernate if I don’t have some specific reason for going out. But now that I have my Oreo, if I am not working and have no special appointments, I really can’t just stay home all day. I have to get Oreo out and working every day. Both he and I get exercise in my fenced in back yard and I know to be useful every day to keep his skills sharp.”

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