Photo by Jodie DS from Pexels

Dog owners beware: Maintaining a clean home will be a challenge. Whether you are adopting a new puppy or, you are a current dog owner struggling to keep your house clean, owning a dog adds an element of extra hair, dirt and grime to floors and furniture. Dogs are our most faithful companions, but they can also be the messiest. Maintaining a clean home may seem stressful — and expensive. If you want to keep your home clean without constantly going over budget, you simply need to follow these helpful hacks.

Have Plenty of Cleaners on Hand  

One thing is certain with dogs: they will leave constant messes for you to clean up. From lick marks on your windows to peanut butter in the carpet, it can be hard to keep up with their endearing antics. You can try dog-shaming, but to truly maintain a clean home with dogs, you have to keep plenty of cleaning supplies stocked. Unfortunately, that can get expensive. Thankfully, you can stock up on carpet cleaner, window cleaner, and paper towels at local retailers  without breaking your budget. Be sure to look for money-saving opportunities and cashback offers that can help you save money on all the supplies you need.

Clean Carpets and Floors Regularly

Even the most well-behaved dog is bound to drag some muddy paw prints onto your floors and carpets. Aside from being unsightly, these stains can also be a source of harmful bacteria. That’s especially alarming if you have kids picking things off the floor too. To protect your family and your floors, you need to make sure they are cleaned pretty much every day. Thousands of pet owners have found a robot vacuum to be a good investment to help keep their homes free of dirt, fur, and dander without feeling overwhelmed with cleaning. If a robot vacuum is in your future, look for discounts and promos from online retailers like Amazon.

Stock Up on Towels for Baths

Regularly cleaning your home is a must when you have a dog, but your dog needs regular cleaning as well. Bathing and grooming your pet will reduce the amount of dander and fur that ends up in carpets and around your home. Since pups love to roll around in mud and other suspicious substances, you probably don’t want to share your good towels with them. Most dog owners keep a stock of inexpensive towels, designated as “dog towels,” in their homes and cars to deal with unexpected messes and bathtime. Check out the cheap options from retailers like Target, and be sure to check for sales and online coupons before you checkout.

Launder Beds and Blankets Often

If your dog lounges on blankets, pillows, or beds, they are also leaving little bits of dander and fur behind. Dander can actually be a major trigger for allergies and attracts dust mites too, so it is important to keep these items clean. Try washing them in hot water on a regular basis to get rid of dander, dust mites and stains. Since dogs tend to have sensitive skin, use a fragrance-free gentle detergent on any fabrics they may come into contact with. You can find store coupons to help you save money on your laundry detergent and other allergen-reducing products. For fabrics that are not easily cleaned, look for sprays that help reduce allergens and odors.

Pick up around Your Yard

Yards can get pretty yucky with dogs too. You will definitely need an endless supply of bags or a scooper to remove waste from your outdoor spaces. Leaving poop on the ground is bad for the environment and can attract harmful pests to your yard.  You’ll also want to get rid of odors by cleaning surfaces in your yard and using sprays that will help remove unwanted smells. Check for sales at pet stores like PetSmart so you can save some money on your baggie supply or anything else you need to keep your dog and home happy.

Having a dog doesn’t have to make it a struggle to keep your home clean. With some simple steps, you can maintain a tidy home and help keep your family healthy. So, follow these tips to tackle dog messes while being kind to your budget too!