Dogs are super active animals and leaving them to sit in front of a television to watch the News or animal documentaries will only waste their energy and will make them bored. Keeping your pet dog busy indoors and outdoors will kill his boredom and will help in better health and mental development. Making your dog work for his food through interactive toys or teaching him new tricks are productive ways to utilize your little furry companion’s energy.

It has been noticed that new pup parents think the food is the only reward that can help them to train their dogs. But let me tell you that there are dogs that do not turn up for food or others are overweight and their parents no longer want to train them through dog treats. For this reason below is a list of rewards that can help you to train your dog easily with no treats.

Verbal Rewards

Dogs are no doubt one of the best pets you can own. They can easily create an unconditional bond with their parents. They are even able to understand what you are going through by your tone and physical gesture. Just like humans, animals also love to be praised…and this is especially true for dogs.  You can use verbal phrases such as “good boy” or “great job buddy” to motivate them to perform the desired behavior.

Remember to bring some excitement in your tone as you are really proud of what your companion has just performed. These simple “happy-talks” will not only motivate him to show desired behavior, but it will also help to develop an even stronger bond between you and him.

Physical Attention

You feel proud after getting a tap on your shoulder when you cook delicious food for your family. Similarly, when you give a hug or cuddle to your dog after showcasing the desired behavior, he feels happy and joyous. Patting, cuddling or scratching your furry companion can even make you his favorite person as a dog loves touch. Just try to figure out his favorite spot where he loves your touch. Showing love to your companion dog will make him repeat the behavior.




Play with Your Dog

Playing is yet another tool that can be used to build a stronger relationship between dog and his parents and to train them wisely. Identify your dog’s favorite toy and keep it with you. Only provide him with it when he behaves according to your command. In this way, you can offer your dog’s favorite chew toy in a reward.




Live Rewards

Does your dog love going out? Does he love playing with you in the backyard? If yes, then it is time to change these daily routine activities that he loves into rewards. We can do this by applying the Premack Principle in which you ask your dog to show low probability action (the one which is desired) and reward him with high probability behavior (the action that he loves to do). Like before going out for a walk you can ask your dog to sit and only unlock the gate when he shows the desired behavior.

Training a dog is a lifelong process. You may find difficulty in the beginning, but stay “paw-si-tive” and keep pouring in the efforts. As always, the highly trained Pro-Train staff is always available for new dog training recruits. Dogman Mark Castillero has trained over 10,000 dogs in his 40-year career and only employs the best trainers in the industry.

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