4 Important Things About Service Dogs, San Diego

Lots of people understand that service dogs help their person and that they are allowed to be in public, but there are more things that an owner wants you to know about this lovely canine. Some of these are the following:

That not all service dogs are created equal

It is a known fact that service dogs, San Diego come in all shapes, sizes, breeds, colors, coat types and specialities. Therefore, it is understandable if you cannot identify one by sight alone. Furthermore, fake service dogs are relatively common and they are considered a headache to a number of legitimate teams. A reputable dog training facility can help you gain more knowledge and techniques in identifying if the one you come across is a service dog or not.

Service dogs are considered a medical equipment

Service dogs, San Diego are considered a medical equipment just like a wheelchair, crutches or an oxygen tank. This is the reason why they are allowed also in places where medical equipment are present. Therefore, anyone should not treat service dogs like other types dog. You just do not randomly touch, talk to, or engage with service dogs you come across.

Not all people are qualified to own a service dog

There are certain qualifications that one should possess to be able to partner with a service dog. He/she should be disabled as defined by the U.S. federal law (here’s more about ADA requirements: service animal)

Service dogs are now protected under law

The United States federal law guarantees protection for service dogs’ access rights. Meaning, the law allows them to go anywhere with their human partner – where people are allowed to stay or hang around such as in restaurant, medical facility, or even inside corporate buildings. The only exception that merits the exclusion of service dogs from any public place is if they are not house trained or is uncontrollable.

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