April 22, 2016

3 Key Things to Know about Your Dog’s Need for Mental and Physical Exercise

By Published On: April 22nd, 2016Categories: Article
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Pets are Smart…and not easily fooled.

Getting Social-ized

The socialization during the first few months of your puppy’s life will determine how well adjusted he really is. If you want to ensure his proper development into a stable, mature companion then you must make sure he gets both physical and mental exercise. You can take him into town on a leash, for example, so he becomes accustomed to and comfortable around people, other animals, noise and traffic. Let him ride in the car. Encourage your dog to be friendly with people and other dogs who give him no reason to be apprehensive.

It’s important to keep these three things in mind as you socialize your dog and prepare him mentally and physically.

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First Few Days Away From the Litter and Mom Can Be Rough.

Away from Mom and the Litter

It’s quite dramatic and even frightening for a young dog to be taken away from his “natural” family–his mother and littermates. Since young dogs can’t express the severity of this, it’s up to you to provide as smooth of a transition as possible. Young dogs are quite sensitive to this change. Have your new dog spend as much time as possible being cared for by immediate family, or better yet, a single person who will spend most of the time with him.

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Dogs are Pack Animals.

Pack Animals

Dogs are pack animals—they need company. They don’t do well alone. In fact, scientists have shown that wolves rejected by their pack will not survive. And this is not because of starvation, but it’s because they can’t stand to be left alone. So make a point to not leave your dog alone during the first few weeks. He is now part of YOUR FAMILY so he should have the privilege of living in the house.


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The grass is always greener outside the kennel.

Do Not Confine in a Kennel

Do you want a good guardian of your family? Then do not confine him to a kennel outdoors. It is all too common. And it is downright heartless. A dog will not develop properly if left in a kennel. Your dog is your companion and your guardian and must be given the right to live in the house. By nature, he will guard only what he considers his own property and possessions.


Dogs are smart animals. They bring us great joy through companionship. They give us a sense of security through being our guardians. Always bear in mind your dog’s need for both mental and physical acuity. It could mean a Happily FURever After for you both!