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Personalized Dog Training is essential in ensuring a happy and healthy relationship between a dog and its owner. Eliminate the stress for both you and your dog with professional and proper dog training. With over 44 years of experience and over 11,000 dogs trained you can be confident in choosing Pro-Train to build the foundation for a lifelong bond between you and your dog.

  • Puppy Management: Develop confidence in your puppy and prevent problem behaviors that are expensive to correct
  • Obedience Training: Teaches obedience and responsiveness to the owner
  • Behavior Modification: Chronic problems require professional attention–We’ll fix them.
  • Service Dog Training: We can train your dog to help with most visible or invisible disabilities.
  • Protection Training: protect the people and things that are important

Petmasters ApprovedNo Dog is too Old!

Learn more about our personalized dog training courses or call us today to arrange the dog training that your dog needs. 877-BAD DOGS / (877) 223-3647

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    ProTrain has been dedicated to the training of top quality animals for the purpose of private ownership of properly trained and obedient dogs for individual or family companionship and protection. See what clients are saying.

    “Wayne was an amazing trainer and teacher, and we are so happy we invested in this program! We can now enjoy our dog and bring him everywhere with us. No more biting or nipping, and we are now able to easily train him around our new chickens. I love that we are able to bring him back for free refresher training for life as well!”
    Jennifer S.
    “We brought our 1 year old cane corso here for advanced obedience training. He’s a brand new dog! Our trainer Wayne was very friendly and knowledgeable, I highly recommend this place, your dog will have a lot of fun and will be treated with love.”
    Angel H.
    “After taking Reese to ProTrain, she is like a new dog, and my wife and I are like new owners. Mike at ProTrain gave us simple tangible recommendations that have made all the difference at home. You do not need to stress anymore about your dog’s behavior, hoping to find the secret somewhere on the internet. Take your dog to ProTrain, and make sure you do what their trainers tell you to do!”
    Michael W.
    “They understand dog behavior! I sent my dog there for boarding/training and had several sessions myself with them to learn how to address her behaviors. They taught me her loading cues, how to correct behaviors before they happen, and understand dog pack dynamics.”
    Carrie M.

    “Dog training is a never-ending process of evolving.”Ivan Balabanov